Gift Guide

Don't forget we have Gift certificates available in any denomination and our on-going ART SUBSCRIPTION service keeps giving all year long!

NEW CARDS JUST ARRIVED from Shelagh Duffett and Jodie Hansen
Lots more to choose from too! All LOCAL ARTISTS!


$20 and Under

Homes for the Holidays....miniature handpainted houses by Kris Webster  

$18 each. Each one is unique and original!


Folkart Birds by Basil Doucette, $20 each

Folkart Trees by Basil Doucette, $10 each

Assorted Prints, $15-$20

Pin Action Pins and Earrings, $15 each

Assorted Cards, $4-6

Stephanie Boutilier 

Allison Taylor

Scrabble Pins, $8 each

EmLi Jewellery, $6-$20

Art Postcards, $3-$4 each

Assembly of Text Pin Packages, $12 a set

Lion and Bright Oxen by Basil Doucette, $20 each

$35 and Under

Mice by Twila Robar-DeCoste, $25 each

Glass Pendants by Jamie-Lynn Gardner, $35 each ($45 with sterling silver chain)

Folkart Owls by Basil Doucette, $25 each

Folkart Animals by Basil Doucette, $20-$45 each

Kris Webster Wooden Necklaces, $35 each

Die-Cut Desk Calendars by Jodie Hansen, $25 each

Pin Action Collar Pins, $25 each

Dan Bray Food Jewellery, $35 each

Domino Jewellery, $26-$36

Kris Webster Watercolours, $35

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