Make Downtown even more EGGcellent!

In an effort to create a safe and fun way to discover DOWNTOWN HALIFAX and all of it's many EGGcellent local businesses, we are asking business owners. downtown residents and really anyone that wants to participate.... to join us in filling windows in Halifax and beyond with Easter Eggs!Decorate one or many! Regarding local business, why not get your staff , clients and family can get involved! Select an egg from those provided below (or create your own)  and place it in your business windows. 

Feel free to make more than one and decorate it with anything you like...if you brand it to your business all the better (ie- plant store may put a green vines and flowers, jewellery store lots of sparkly things)...  These do not have to be exquisite works of just have fun and then...the best part!

Once completed designing your egg, you put them in your in business window and we invite the public to GO ON A VIRTUAL EGG HUNT to find them all,collect them by photographing them and sharing on social media and hopefully they will find their way into your business too or be reminded to SHOP LOCAL!


Complete your eggs and put in your shop window for April 2-5 inclusive and with the help of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission who will tell the public about the EGG HUNT and offer a prize randomly drawn from the photographic submissions of the eggs! 

We hope you can participate in this simple yet very effective way to get people thinking about coming to our businesses again!

You can download your favourite Egg Design from some of the LINKS BELOW below, provided by artist Jodie Hansen. Simply print on 8.5" x 11" paper!