Friday, December 2, 2016

DECEMBER DAYS are HERE: Save Money on a Showcased Work Each Day!

We're starting a new tradition this holiday season!  We're calling it DECEMBER DAYS!  Basically, we'll be featuring one product each day at a special price for just the 24 hour period. This is much like our HIGH NOON AT NOON promotions that happen in July and January!  It's a great way for us to offer you some savings while finding wonderful homes for the amazing works by our talented artists.

Of course, we're doing a bit of catch-up today, as we're already at December 2nd today...where does the time go! Anyway, without further's our TWO featured works for our December Days  for December 1st and December 2nd.

On the 1st Day of December, my true love gave to me....

Briana Corr-Scott "Sea Sea Reclining" 24" x 36" Regular: $1300 Until December 3rd: $975

On the 2nd Day of December, my true love gave to me....

Michelle St-Onge, "Go Jays, Watercolour on paper (framed), 17"x21" Regular Price: $325 Until December 3rd: $275 

**From here on in, check back each day around noon for the latest SPECIAL or SHOWCASE!    Thanks for supporting local artists and local business!***

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home For The Holidays

Ah, the comforts of home. Who better to look to this holiday season than artist Andy MacDonald?

Houses and homes, have been a regular theme in MacDonald's work over the years. From company houses in Glace Bay to heritage homes in Halifax, MacDonald does more than just depict a building, he captures the spirit and feeling of home.

MacDonald studied printmaking at ACAD, which is evident in his painting as he tends to work in series and repetition of imagery. Below you'll find the latest pieces he brought in, and you can find more in the gallery or online here: Andy MacDonald Online Gallery

Andy MacDonald, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Agricola Blue), Acrylic on Board, 24"x18"

Andy MacDonald, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Agricola Turquoise), Acrylic and Glitter on Board, 24"x18"

Andy MacDonald, Blue House, Acrylic and Glitter on Board, 8"x10"

December is a great month to buy art, and we're getting new work in regularly, so check back in soon for new treats to feast your eyes on!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NAVIGATING our way through the Holidays: GIVING Tuesday and everyday...

Our blog topic of the day is pretty straight forward and important to us: GIVING!  'Tis the season for giving! In fact today is known as "Giving Tuesday" in Canada and abroad. We thought this would be a great time to let you know about a few things we're doing to help others in need this season and throughout the year. We hope you'll join us!


We're hosting a POP UP of a different sort...a POP UP GIVING NIGHT Wednesday, December 7th, 6:30pm-8pm!  Not many people know about the Navigator Street Outreach Program (click HERE to find out a bit more now). We are hosting an evening where you can hear first hand how the program is helping people everyday and how you really make a difference to someone's life RIGHT NOW for very little. 

A very moving presentation by Program Coordinator Sasha Anderson will kick off the evening at 6:45pm. Afterwards, we'll have some festive treats.  This presentation is FREE however we'd ask that you bring at least one of the following items to help out:
Personal Hygiene Products
(deodorant, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene, soap, shampoo etc)

Simple Household Items
(dish clothes, towels, facecloths, bed sheets)

Warm Winter Clothing
(gloves, jackets, long johns, hats, boots)

Other items you may not think of..
(tarps, nutrient bars, bus tickets, gift certificates to Sobeys or No Frills, art supplies)

If you can't attend but still want to help out, get in touch! Please try to attend and tell your friends. We remember the first time we heard about this gives you hope. A way to help!


Ongoing until late afternoon this Saturday, December 3rd, drop by the gallery and PICK AN ENVELOPE off our walls, in support of Christmas Daddies. For just $5 you will win a gift from us and be helping many families in need of essentials and gifts for children over the holiday season. We'll be taking all of the donations collected to the Christmas Daddies Telethon on Saturday and will be on TV at around 5pm!    If you'd like to make a donation over an above the $5 or live abroad and want to help out, give us a call. We'd be so happy to hear from you. 

Not sure what Christmas Daddies's a LINK about it all...

As the little happy guy above suggests, we hope you can SAVE THE DATE  and attend our  HOLIDAY PARTY on Friday, December 9th from 3pm-7pm. If you are able to bring a donation of food, warm blankets or any of the items listed above for the NAVIGATOR program, we'd really appreciate the help. We'll have lots of treats, surprises and special offers on locally made wonderfulness, to thank you for your help !  Many of our artists will be bringing us NEW works and will be on-hand so you can meet them! Bring a friend with you...and we'll give you a 20% off coupon to be used anytime!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tis the Season for New Artwork, Falalalala...

It's that time of year! Our artists are busy toiling away in their workshops and studios, making beautiful work. Every day we're getting new and beautiful pieces in, and here's just a sampling of some of the pieces that have arrived...

Briana Corr-Scott, Moon Snail #1, 8"x10", Oil on Board

Briana Corr-Scott, Urchin, 5"x5", Oil on Board

Briana Corr-Scott, Clam Shell, 8"x8", Oil on Board

See more of Briana Corr-Scott's new work here: Briana Corr-Scott Online Album

Gordon MacDonald, The Blue House, 21.75"x25.5", Oil on Board

See more of Gordon MacDonald's recent work here: Gordon MacDonald Online Album

George Spencer, Harvest, 16"x20", Oil on Board

See more work by George Spencer here: George Spencer Online Album

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Flow 38, 8x10, Acrylic, Ink, Shimmer Power and Resin on Board

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Flow 35, 20x20, Acrylic, Ink, Iridescent Powder and Resin on Board

See more work by Kimberley Eddy here: Kimberley Eddy Online Album

And, well this crew, you'll just have to come in and see for yourselves. We have a whole new pack of animals by Dorothyanne Brown that just arrived!

Felted Animals by Dorothyanne Brown
Come in and meet the gang, say hi, and check out the inspiring new work that's arriving all the time!

Friday, November 18, 2016

WALL OF ENVELOPES & the Great "Chicken Bone candy" Taste Off!

We're trying something new!

May we introduce our WALL OF ENVELOPES until December 3rd!  For just  $5, pick an envelope from our wall ! Each envelope will  have a special surprise waiting for you- such as a small gift, gift certificate or money off your next purchase!  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Christmas Daddies fundraiser !

There will be some empty envelopes that YOU can fill with your own wishes of hope or kind words for someone that just needs a lift. Those envelopes will be available for FREE.

This Saturday drop by the gallery and take the CHICKEN BONES support of our current colourful show by Kim Floyd, still on display in our windows for the Parade of Lights happening Saturday evening too!

Do you LOVE this candy that has become a Maritime Holiday Tradition OR Do you think it's just yucky!  We're interested in hearing what you think! Pick up a frame-able postcard of the candy while your here...they'd make great gifts to give and receive!

Warm up with other paintings by Kim, such as FRY's COCOA on a cold November evening...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time to Give Thanks! Celebrating YOU!

We wouldn't be anything without YOU, the person that loves art and appreciates the wonderful artists that fill our province to the brim. This week perhaps more than others, it seemed like the perfect time to say THANK YOU to you. We encourage you to visit us soon and take advantage of some of our special promotions while celebrating our GOLD WIN for BEST GALLERY which we just received last week.  YAY!

 1. To show our thanks, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING within Canada and the USA until         December 9th! This includes SHIPPING on 12 month Art Subscriptions (which make great gifts!)

    BUY 5 Cards GET ONE FREE until November 15th

4. GIFT CERTIFICATES:  Save 20% off gift certificates (ie- $100 gift certificate will only cost  you $80) Limited amount of 20 will be available in any denomination-get them before they are gone!  So if you love art, and you want to save extra dollars throughout the year for yourself or give the gift of art, this is a great deal!  This is basically like getting 20% off in the future....make your future self happier with original art while saving money! You're so smart. :-) 

THANK YOU for helping us receive such a great recognition of GOLD and Best Gallery!

  We also want to remind you all that we will be CLOSED on REMEMBRANCE DAY as we say thank you to those who fought for our freedom and country. But drop by Saturday and say hello!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

STUDIO SATURDAY with Danny Abriel

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Today we're excited to bring you into the studio of artist Danny Abriel!

Danny grew up in the Musquodoboit Valley and attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and studied photography at NSCC.

Danny's work is informed by the native scenery where he grew up - reflective waters, wind-swept tress, contoured landscapes and seasonal colour. His paintings are inspired by his connection to the beauty and drama of trees and their surroundings.

Danny currently has a show on at the gallery, "Luminous Ways", until Nov 30th. You can see the work online here: Luminous Ways by Danny Abriel

And now let's sneak into his studio...

Danny working in his studio.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, PAL-o-MINE you are so Fine

Well tonight is the night where we unveil two bodies of art by two spectacular local artists- Danny Abriel and Kim Floyd! Both shows are now on the walls so drop by anytime, attend the opening reception tonight, Friday, Nov. 4th 7pm-9pm, or visit online anytime! Both shows continue until the end of November.

** Make sure to check out our STUDIO SATURDAYS blog post tomorrow at noon to learn more about Danny Abriel, as our featured artist studio!**

Staring out at all these beautiful colourful works from our desk this afternoon, in particular the paintings by Kim Floyd...are making us hungry!  Kim's painted a series of works that fill the gallery with nostalgia in the form of paintings of popular food brands that are associated with our shared Canadian culture and memories.

Earlier this week, we learned from one of our gallery artists a little bit of history about the Ganong Brothers Company and their chocolate bar, PAL-o-MINE so we headed over to the internet for a bit of specific info.

For example, bet you didn't know that Pal-o-Mine, a soft fudge, coconut and peanut bar covered in dark chocolate is Ganong's oldest product that was first introduced in 1920 and is still being made today!

And get this! Pal-o-Mine was the first chocolate bar in Canadian history to be wrapped! 
"Ganong Bros.' Limited has been one of the Canadian chocolate industry's most important companies. Arthur Ganong was the first to make any sort of a wrapped chocolate bar; Ganong began selling the first chocolate bars in 1910. In 1920 they began using the brand name "Pal-o-Mine" for their chocolate bar.The company also was the first to introduce a heart-shaped box of chocolates in North America. The heart-shaped boxes were originally used for presents over the Christmas season before it also succeeded around Valentine's Day."

Now you can seem smart at the next party you attend or when you are with coffee with friends and enjoy a little chocolate while your at it! Or if you want to skip the calories, why not buy this painting featured above by Kim Floyd. It measures 8" x 5", acrylic on board.See the entire show ONLINE HERE.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hey everyone! It's been a busy week or two at the gallery. We think we've recovered from the citywide late night art festival, NOCTURNE and then the following weekend with CITY HARVEST, and a few artist talks and shows this week to top it all off...phew....getting a tad exhausted just recapping it all here. However we've finally reached Saturday, and you know what that means!  STUDIO SATURDAYS! We get to enter the studio of yet another gallery artist!!

Today we are very excited to share just a glimpse into the studio of young emerging artist, Damien Webb from the Liverpool, Nova Scotia. If you've been into the gallery recently, you'll remember that Damien is the artist that created the miniature intricate sets made of mostly re-purposed paper, for our on-going exhibit GET SET which you can see HERE.   (keep in mind, a penny is larger than the "I want to Believe" poster featured below...)

We're also very excited to announce we'll be hosting a solo show of works by Damien in February 2017!  Anyway, enough rambling...without further adieu...the studio of Damien Webb- whom we refer to as the master of miniature. Just WOW. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Women in Water

Last night we had our one night only show of Brianne William's "Women in Water" series.

It was a great night and wonderful to have Brianne, who's been working away on the series over the last few years, in the gallery to chat about her work.

While the show was one night only, a few pieces from the show are still available at the gallery:

Serene Sunset, 2014, 30"x40", Oil on Canvas

Scarlet Sea, 2015, 30"x24", Oil on Canvas

Under the Sea, 2016, 30"x40", Oil on Canvas
Deep Blue, 2011, 48"x60", Oil on Canvas

Shimmer, 2012, 24"x30", Oil on Canvas

You can find the whole series online here.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

TONIGHT ONLY! Women in Water by Brianne Williams 7-9pm

Tonight is a very special evening at Argyle Fine Art, as we'll be celebrating the body of work by emerging artist Brianne Williams called "Women in Water". Brianne has been working on this show throughout the last 4 years and it's finally time to share it with the world.

The works are only here for one-night only, so make sure to drop down this afternoon or after work or visit for the opening reception tonight and meet Brianne from 7pm-9pm. We'll be sure to make the show available online soon at

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

City Harvest 2017

Oh, Fall. The leaves are embracing a new end of the colour spectrum and the scents of the earth are mingling in the air. That can only mean one thing, it's City Harvest time! So get out your walking boots and scarf, grab some backdoor takeout from one of our neighbours, and come join in the fun at the gallery!

Oh... and beer, don't forget about all the wonderful Fall beverages our local breweries are crafting this time of year.

Yoko White, "Craft Beer", Emroidery - so refreshing!

To celebrate City Harvest we'll have our Beetlejuice Photobooth back up, a popular Nocturne hit, that coincides with our "Get Set" show in the lower gallery. In honour of Beetlejuice anyone wearing black AND white will get 20% off their purchase (with the exception of work from the two new shows & a few other items), a FREE DRAW for a small work of art, and of course... snacks.

Have you been waiting long?

Meet artist Nick Brunt from 12-2pm, who will be here prepping stencils. In addition to his rad paintings Nick is also the artist behind our Rainworks project, spreading special messages around the city that only appear when it's raining. You can read more about the Rainworks project here.

You also have the opportunity to meet artist Abigail Lower from 10:30-11:30am, the artist behind the show in the upper gallery, "The Slow Awakening". We'll have charcoal on hand so you can make your own Abigail inspired art in the gallery!

Abigail working alongside her assistants.

Abigail will also be here on Tuesday, Oct 25th from 6:30-8:30pm, to give an artist talk and demo about the work in the show. Along with Abigail will be poet Shaun Lafferty, composer Theo Chapelhow, and filmmaker Jock Hiltz. The event is free and all are welcome to attend.

Gordon MacDonald, "Rosie (Deer)", 24"x30", Charcoal on Paper Mounted

We also have the amazing die-cut Star Wars Calendars by Jodie Hansen in stock and available for order for mid-December - really the perfect stocking-stuffer.

And last, but never least, new paintings by Gordon MacDonald have arrived! Oil on gold leaf, these pieces just glow! Come in and see them for yourself in person. If you can't make it in, the new pieces can be found online here.

Gordon MacDonald, "Red on the Platform", Oil on Gold Leaf on Board, 12"x12"

Gordon MacDonald, "Drawing the Morning to Us", Oil on Gold Leaf on Board, 12"x12"

Enjoy the rest of your week, we'll see you for all the fun on Saturday!