Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Argyle Art Doodle Just in Time for Easter Fun!


We are soooo EGGcited to bring you ARGYLE ART DOODLE! A great Easter gift..doorstep delivery in HRM! ( chicks shown not included🐥) Get a bag of supplies including various papers, pencil, eraser, coloured pencils and an ink pen. ( we can mail these out anytime too..not just for Easter!)You will also receive chocolate eggies and stickers for the season and here's the best part....EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE LINKS released this Sunday to all purchasers to doodle with artists: 

Melissa Townsend, Gordon MacDonald, Caitlin McGuire and Craig Baltzer!  
Great for all ages! We seriously can't wait for this!

Gordon and Craig may be using puppets in their videos and lots of laughs, Melissa will be there with her son doing some drawing and Caitlin will doing some "in home wildlife" drawings!
Yay!! Staying Home just got better!

ORDER YOURS TODAY FOR DELIVERY TOMORROW or FRIDAY BY CONTACTING US HERE!  Just $25! 🐥🐇🙂 Have lots of supplies at home and just want to draw with the artists? No prob..for $10 we'll send you the links to the drawing sessions with our awesome artists!

Sunday, April 5, 2020


A few years ago we started sharing an online look into many of our artist's studios each Saturday and called it Studio Saturdays! It was really popular and we're not even sure why we stopped it. Well it's back again beginning today and since it's SUNDAY (in case you were not aware) we are calling this new series SUNDAY STUDIO DAYS!

Basically each Sunday we'll post some images of studios from our artists and a few words from them too. Keep engaged and tune in each Sunday to see the neat art spaces that these wonderfully creative people work in. Stay Inspired and Stay Safe everyone!

FIRST UP- we are taking you on a trip to Sharon Cave's studio. Many of you know her artwork- she loves painting animals and birds with personality, especially crows. Sharon is working on a solo show of paintings we hope to feature just as soon as we can all get outside again.

Here's a snap shot of her studio as it's looks right now....

Here are a few words from Sharon:

My life during this weird time hasn't changed that much. I'm not sure what that says about me!

To try and stay focused and motivated, I planned and organized (somewhat) my days early on by allocating my work time (painting), my leisure time (non-painting hobbies) and the stuff I don't enjoy but needs to get done anyway!

As for art, there are new animal paintings on my easel and in my head and lots of sketching going on. Illustrating (and writing) children's books has been a dream of mine and now seems as good a time as any to make that happen.Other than visual art I keep myself busy continuing my studies in piano and French.
Check out some art by Sharon Cave HERE  

Sharon is more than happy to make a special painting for you any time as a commission too. Just get in touch with us and we can help you make that happen. 

Here's a new painting by Sharon that would make the perfect Easter Gift for your home and family to enjoy during this time of extreme home-life! HOP HOP HOP!

Rhett, oil on board, 16" x 12", Sharon Cave

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Join us as we navigate the unknown and getting lost together!

Anyone who registered for any of our workshops over March Break can attest to how quickly life can change from day to day!  We really appreciate the support and understanding we received from Registrants (and Participants) of workshops we WERE able to host, and those that we had to postpone during these challenging times.

While some of the workshops were dependent on a "hands-on" approach, we're currently looking to expand the availability of others to an online format.  We were able to do this recently with Gordon MacDonald's "Glazing Demo and Talk" in which guests were invited to participate in an interactive live streaming of the event using the Zoom App

**If you weren't able to join us for this class but would have liked to, we are suggesting a "pay-what-you-can" $10 donation or more, and we can send the link directly to you, to watch the entire class at your leisure. Get in touch for details.**

Gordon MacDonald live streaming his Glazing Demo and Talk Online via Zoom to audiences across Canada!

We were amazed by how much we were able to do with some studio lighting and a cell phone!  An unexpected advantage to the online format was being able to share the workshop with guests as far away as Saskatoon and San Francisco!  

We're constantly adapting to ongoing changes in our daily lives, and while we navigate the "New Normal" we'll be developing more of these workshops and ideas in the near future!

Gordon MacDonald, Support Materials for Online Glazing Demo

What can I do to help?!?

Good Question! There are many ways for you to help our small business and others too, without costing you anything but some time. Here are some ideas below:


Yes--ish....For the time being, gallery visits will be limited to scheduled appointments (preferably) on Mondays and Wednesdays (10 am - 4 pm), and will mainly consist of pick ups and deliveries to individuals.  We will be relying heavily on our online presence, and the social media community.  DOOR STEP DELIVERIES IN HRM are free and contact-less.


You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Please LIKE and SHARE our posts with friends and family to get the word out there!  Comments welcome.  We love to hear from you!  

Explore our Blogger page

CHECK OUT THE NEW OFFERINGS on our blog including the Argyle Fine Art Society, where you can offer monthly payments of support and in exchange reap rewards. You can also purchase GIFT CARDS now online and even gift them to your friends and family virtually!  

And later on today we'll be adding ONLINE WORKSHOPS and an addition to our PANDEMIC POSTCARDS....to mention just a few updates. Our art inventory is not limited to what you see online.  We carry a selection of works by all of our gallery artists with lots of links from the home page!  Not sure what to look for? We're here to help!  

Every little bit helps!  We have lots to offer everyone; from cards to prints, to small jewelry items, all affordably priced and easy to ship, and soon we will be announcing some special EASTER ART ACTIVITY packages!

NEW! By artist Sharon Cave this is "Rhett", 12" x 16", Oil on Birch Panel


Sign up for one of our upcoming online workshops (TBD), participate in a call for submission, forward the info to someone else who might be interested! 

BUY ART - Affordable Original Works are always a good idea:

Check out our ongoing Pre-Shrunk Sale HERE, selected works, 4" x 5", originally priced at $175, now selling for $85. New works being added each day! Check back often and get in touch asap if you'd like to purchase! Buying Art online is easy, and more common than you may think.  Let us know if you have any questions- we are online via our social media channels and email throughout the day.

Paulette Melanson, Organic Mix, acrylic on board, 5" x 4", Now $85!



We'll bring the ART TO YOU!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Happy Monday!

As it's becoming more difficult to see real art in person, we thought it'd be nice to bring the gallery to you!  Here's a quick selection of available works for your viewing pleasure!  Purchase inquiries are certainly welcome, but please take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show...


New from Gordon MacDonald, this piece was inspired by a trip to Saskatoon last fall...

 Gordon MacDonald, Saskatoon Airport, 7" x 9", oil on copper on board

So many different styles of art to choose from Embroidered Textile Work, to Abstract painting...

 (Left) Yoko White, Night Sky, 12", hand embroidered cotton on canvas,
(Right) Paulette Melanson, Hidden Gems, 24" x 36", acrylic on canvas

Complimentary colour schemes from different artists can work together in the same space, adding variety to an art collection...

 (Top Left) Catherine Bagnell Styles, Peggy C, 11" x 14", acrylic on canvas board
(Top Right) Miyoshi Kondo, Flight, 10" x 10", gouache on paper
(Bottom) Danny Abriel, Holland Cove Emergence, 18" x 36", acrylic on canvas

Contrasting styles and subject matter, can be united by a single theme...

 (Left) James Axon, Guardian of the Gate, 7.5" x 9.5", colored pencil, graphite on paper
(Right) Amy Ordoveza, Swallows in Flight, 8" x 8", oil on board

Consider building a collection with different media, drawings on paper can be just as dramatic and substantial as a painted canvas...
 (Left) Echo Nara, Hurricane, 9.5" x 7.5", conte on paper
(Right) Mark Brennan, Snowshoe View, Near Fundy National Park, 11" x 14",
 acrylic on canvas

Art is meant to be enjoyed, it can evoke memories of happier times...buying art should be fun and it can reduce stress in your life...especially now when you need it most!

 (Top) Isobel Hamilton, Voyage, 9" x 36", acrylic on board
(Bottom) RJ Marchand, Wet Behind The Ears, 24" x 36", acrylic on canvas

Never underestimate the value of discarded everyday objects.  To an artist, they serve as the raw material for great works of art!...  

(Left) Kevin MacLean, HMCS Petute, 6" x 14" x 1.75", assembled found objects
(Right) Kim Danio, Singer Sewing Machine, 10" x 14" x 5"
re-purposed shoe, mixed media

Kim Danio, Anne Of Green Gables, repurposed hand bag, mixed media, 11" x 10" x 5"

Jan Davison, Argyle Fine Art, 4" x 5", acrylic on board


Thursday, March 26, 2020

NEW Pandemic Postcards...Collect and Share Them All!

Do you enjoy writing, and looking for a fun project to keep you busy?  

Why not spread some love this pandemic season with this NEW postcard series from Argyle Fine Art!?!

We'll be releasing a new design every week for you to collect and share with Friends and Family both near and far away!  We may have to physically distance ourselves, but we can still stay social!

Besides, Who doesn't like receiving something fun in the mail?  

To purchase, simply direct message (Facebook or Instagram), or email us (gallery@argylefa.com) to place your order!

We can easily send postcards in the mail, or deliver to doorsteps in HRM...gallery pick up is possible (Mondays and Wednesdays...but best to call in advance to make sure! (902) 425-9456)

This week's featurette is this amazing  "Casey and Finnegan" postcard by artist Anna Whalen.  5" x 5" they sell for $3 (each)...while supplies last! 

Another fun way to stay active is to create an account with a postcard delivery site like Postcrossing.com, where you can send and receive postcards from people like you, from around the world! 

Encourage recipients to post/share pictures of postcards they receive in the mail!

It's more important now than ever to stay connected!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We'll get by with a little help from our Friends....

Hi everyone! How are you doing? It's not easy for a lot of us right now. My moods range from extreme lows to extreme highs throughout the day. "It's probably like the various stages of grief", I thought, and then I came across this article and I was like, YES!  THAT! That's what's happening.....so thank goodness there's art in my life and yours too!Although art is also a source of stress for me personally, as I wonder whether my little gallery can weather this massive storm, I carry on as best I can.

I wash my hands. I keep my distance. I reach out to others. I go to work two days a week to just get out of the house and my head. The rest of the time I'm inside trying to keep busy and keep working with lots of boozy coffee breaks. I'm doing the best that I can.

It's times like these that I am thankful for the community that we have all built upon, especially the art and culture sector. As we all know, we will all take some hard hits. But we're going to be ok...we've been training for this! Working in the arts isn't easy any of the time. Thanks to all the artists, friends ( our customers because you ARE our friends) that have reached out and helped when they can either with sharing on social media, making art, purchasing items online like our NEW electronic GIFT CARDS which you can gift...THANK YOU! Every little bit of support helps.

ANYWAY....ramble ramble....(get a journal already, right?!  :-), we have come up with some ideas to help us all get through this. Rest assured, some of these will work, some of them won't  and that's ok. We'll just come up with more!

In addition to more online shows, sales, workshops and interactive events (working on those now) we are pleased to present you with a few things you can participate in RIGHT NOW- we are ALL artists, afterall!


An idea that came via artist Anna Whalen, is the art smile project where we encourage you and anyone you know that is keen and making art, to use the theme of art that can bring a smile to someone as a prompt when creating from time to time.

Then share these images on all of your social media platforms, tag the gallery (@argylefineart *twitter, @argyle_fine_art * Instagram, @argylefineart FAN PAGE on *Facebook)  so we can see what you're making and re-share too! USE hashtags:  #artsmilehfx,  #argylefineart , #supportlocalart . 

You may think "how can this possibly help right now", or " I can't be creative right now, I'm too stressed", but we believe it can help others and your mental health too! Try it! It doesn't have to be every day- just when you make something that you think can help others be happier. You'll make someone's day and maybe your own in the process.

This can literally but whatever you think will make others smile or you love. THE IDEA BEHIND THIS IS TO FLOOD OUR SOCIAL MEDIA with more positive images and messages right now. If you are not on social media, but still want to participate, simple email us your images and we'll put them on our social media channels. 

Here's an example...by Kerry Hodgson....there will be more "new" commandments coming soon to tickle your funny bone!

ARTMAIL FOR SHUT-INSThis is a snail mail project organized by Argyle Fine Art, where we are inviting artists to do doodles or sketches on paper that can fit inside a regular business sized envelope or envelope you would get a birthday card in (5" x 7") . They can be various mediums as well, as long as we can fit in an envelope and not too heavy. Keep it simple! 

We will  pay you $10 from each art mail we send out of yours. This will also act as an ongoing ONLINE show, since everytime we receive one from you it will be uploaded online and ready to be selected and sent out. Customers will pay $20 plus postage, and can either choose from the selection we have received or choose the option SURPRISE ME! So grab your paper and pens, paint etc...and get arting! THIS PROJECT IS STARTING NOW AND ONGOING UNTIL mid-May...

Send your works to us via snail mail  to 6302 Young Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1Z8, or drop in the mailbox on the porch of this address. INCLUDE YOUR NAME, RETURN ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS, as well as any info about the works you'd like (medium, inspiration etc) If you can email us (gallery@argylefa.com ) when you have sent art. Please send images of what you sent to us, that would be super helpful -and allow us to share with people asap as well as keep a look out for them in the postbox.

Here's ONE example on it's way to us already from artist Deb Bromley!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Works by Gordon MacDonald and Online Workshop!

In an effort to keep you up to date with all things gallery related, we're thrilled to bring you 3 new paintings by artist Gordon Macdonald.  

Inspired by his trip to Saskatchewan last Fall, we have 2 pieces that feature the city of Saskatoon;  
 Gordon MacDonald, Saskatoon From The Air, oil on canvas, 24" x 36"

"Saskatoon From The Air" explores the great expanse of the Saskatchewan Landscape, as seen from an aircraft window.  The horizon line divides the upper third of the canvas with cooler blues, while the warmer hues of the rich agricultural farmland recedes into the background, blending land and sky into infinity.  

Gordon MacDonald, Saskatoon Airport, oil on copper on board, 7" x 9" 

Gordon's "Saskatoon Airport" painting transforms a typical mundane commute into a captivating visual experience.  The approaching foreground buildings are quickly overshadowed by massive cloud formations from above.  Blue skies capture the light of the sun, and illuminate the landscape.  Street lamps are lit up along the way suggesting an early morning flight or one at twilight.

Gordon MacDonald, Antigonish, oil on canvas, 36" x 40"
And for something a little closer to home...Gordon's "Antigonish" painting, depicts a rural farm house from a field.  The white facade of the building draws in the viewers gaze, and once settled, we begin to experience the scale of the surrounding landscape.  As in the previous works we see the cooler darker tones of the earth contrasted against a warm bright sky.   

Gordon MacDonald, Antigonish (Detail)

We understand that seeing the works in person is a challenge these days, so we hope you can enjoy the online version.  The paintings are currently available for purchase, and shipping and home deliveries continue to be an option.  Should you have any questions about these or other works by Gordon MacDonald, please feel free to reach out to us...we'd love to hear from you!

We've decided to offer Gordon's Glazing Demo & Artist Talk ONLINE!  We are still asking people to register for the workshop to participate.  We'll be using a remote conference service app called Zoom to bring the Workshop directly to your home!

For more information about the app, follow the link to their website HERE

For additional information about the Workshop (Or the Zoom App), please contact the gallery for details. (902) 425-9456, or via email at gallery@argylefa.com

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Tonight's the night that the INSTAFAMOUS DOGS OF HALIFAX visit the gallery! Pop on down to meet them between 6:30-8:30pm tonight and of course, make sure to check out the dog inspired art too!

Here's a photo contributed by Clover's Dog Mom of Hunter Doodle and Clover!  Awwww

So many great works to explore and great news- the show is up until March 21st. You can see the entire show online HERE NOW too!  Get in touch about purchasing the works- they are pawsitively wonderful, if we do say ourselves.

Art by RJ Marchand

Art by Anna Whalen

Friday, February 28, 2020

Leap on Over to the Gallery to see All the New Arrivals!

Some weeks the moon and the sun align , we chew gum and walk at the same time, maybe it's the leap year vibe...but a whole bunch of new artwork just arrives! Poof! We are delighted, of course!

 This week has been one of those weeks, and although many of the artworks delivered this week are very different from one another we thought we'd feature them here for you to enjoy virtually. It's cold out! We get it! Although, if you live closeish...we invite you to visit the gallery! Seeing art in person is such a great experience and it will wash away any winter blues that may be setting in....

Let's begin with this fresh breath of Spring painted by Catherine Bagnell Styles. 

Catherine Bagnell Styles, French Spring, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"
And now for something completely different....this "painting" was created using only upcyled zippers by Diane Redden. 

Diane Redden, Carousel, zippers, mixed media, 14" x 14"
 Still on the different tangent, we received this mixed media sculpture by William Rudolph. So Fun and Sci-Fi inspired!

William Rudolph, Wow Signal Detector, mixed media sculpture

Although it feels like Spring is in the air, we can probably expect there to be a few more snow days in our forecast. Deb Bromley just bought us this snow day inspired painting as well as a more fair weather day one- both infused with her signature playfullness, bright colours and highly narrative compositions. 

Deb Bromley, Snow Days, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"

Deb Bromley, Birds Eye View, acrylic on board, 6" x 6"

We are pleased to be showcasing a grouping of recent paintings and drawings by emerging artist Echo Nara. You can see all of her work HERE that we have so far, but here are two beauties below.

Because we are getting ready for an upcoming show all about INSTAGRAM Famous Dogs, we are starting to receive the works. Here is an amazing painting by RJ Marchand that will be included in the show but on site along with another one if you'd like to have first dibs and sneaks!

RJ Marchand, "Wet Behind the Ears", Watercolour and acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"

So do yourself a favour and visit these paintings and more arriving almost everyday. This Saturday is the last full day that we will have the Pre-Shrunk show on the walls. If you haven't seen it yet...come on down or visit it online HERE

 Oh, and don't forget to check out our UPCOMING WORKSHOPS being offered by some amazing artists  HERE! 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Observe and Play with Briana Corr-Scott

Many of you may have already heard that we are hosting MANY workshops in March, especially over the March break here in Nova Scotia at the gallery. If you haven't looked at the full list, please do HERE. Many fun experiences await you!

We are lucky to have Briana Corr Scott leading us in two workshops. Briana Corr Scott is a fine artist, illustrator and writer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She captures the beauty of the natural world in her oil paintings, paper doll creations and children’s literature. 

The first workshop one is coming up soon on Wednesday, March 4th from 5:30-7:30pm, $50 (all supplies provided and NO experience required)  and is  held at the Museum of Natural History. You will learn how to begin drawing using observational skills and drawing from real life objects opposed to photos of things.

We are excited to be hosting this workshop at the museum, because it's a special place to Briana when she finds herself blocked creatively. In fact she spent many hours in the Sable Island display there a few years ago and eventually travelled to Sable creating drawings, paintings and writings that eventually became part of her book beginnings as an author/illustrator with Nimbus Publishing.

As you can see, Briana is a keen observer- especially attracted to the flowers that others may pass by instead of the flashy or more popular ones. Daisies, dandelions, various ferns and plants....she gives them all a beautiful voice. She refers to these ones as part of the "invisible world, a world that exists in nature but often overlooked".

The second workshop is called Paper Dolls for Adults and happens at Argyle Fine Art on Monday, March 16th, from 6pm-8pm, $50- all supplies included and no experience required for this one either. Each person in attendance will leave with a paper doll designed by Briana Corr Scott and learn how to make clothing and accessories for your doll. You'll learn some history of the paper doll and then get to play- using a variety of mixed media supplies such as paper, fibre, etc. We'll add some local wine to the evening, hence attendees need to be of legal drinking age.Can't wait to PLAY! 

 CALL US at 902 425- 9456 or email us to register soon as classes are filling up!  

 A bit about Briana Corr-Scott:

 As a student at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Briana dedicated herself to painting and drawing from life, inspired by the work of the American Impressionists she admired at the nearby Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.  Since moving to Dartmouth from New England in 2006, she has continued her passion for working observationally, applying these skills to her botanical drawings, illustrations, paintings and words.  Working primarily in oil, her art is inspired by the wind, light and presence of a place, which she finds as she focuses on capturing the strange, overlooked details in nature. Her residency at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland during the summer of 2019 was a turning point in her career. While hiking and painting en plein air, she allowed her art to merge by playfully connecting her oil paintings, illustrations, and prose.  

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pre-Shrunk Wrap Up!

Well the Pre-Shrunk show is wrapping up and we are pleased to say that we've wrapped up and sent hundreds of new artworks into homes all across the world from this small but mighty show-even as far as Yemen and Australia!

If you missed seeing the show, there's still a bit of time to catch it, as we are re-hanging the gallery today and keeping the remaining works on the walls until the end of February because there are just too many wonderful works to still be loved and purchased! So don't delay! 

A few weeks ago we held a meet and greet at the gallery for many of the artists and the public to say hi and learn about all the varied styles and mediums represented in these small works. It was so much fun to see everyone chatting and having a great time! We also held an online vote of a pre-selected grouping of artworks from the show by staff  and awarded our very first Pre-Shrunk Award of Awesomeness. The response was overwhelming!

Our miniature trophy held in front of the winning painting for 2020 by Brigitte St-Arnaud

The winner of the award with over 100 votes for her work alone was Brigitte St-Arnaud. Here she is with her little trophy for her unique woodburned artworks- still available for purchase!

We met Brigitte because of the show which is another reason we love hosting this show so much, since we meet new talents in our community that we may not have known about otherwise. Brigitte's day job is a very creative one indeed. She works as a designer at Ikea- so the next time you walk through the Ikea showrooms, think of Brigitte arranging things just so. She even won an award at work last year where she was tasked with making a sculpture out of Ikea bags. It was a great way to remind people to use reusable bags when shopping but once they are old, to remember that you can up-cycle almost anything into art. The imagination is a wonderful thing!

Here's a little bit about Brigitte in her own words:

Over the years I have focused most of my creative expression through work. I’ve done floral design, window dressing, murals, product design, event decorating, interior design, commercial retail planning and store solutions. The past 16 years left me with little time for personal projects, but now I’m scaling back and concentrating on my own creations. My artistic approach is to think outside the box and do things differently than what is traditional and expected. Nature inspires me and I often transform my subjects in a stylized manner with organic lines.Creativity is forever evolving- right now I’m experimenting with wood burning.

Brigitte also shared a few words and pictures of the award in it's new home for the year:

"I wanted to show my award next to something relatable to show its size and proportion. My cat only wanted to see if it was made out of real gold."

"The dog didn’t seem too impressed since it wasn’t full of treats."

 "I ended up putting it in a safe place... next to the coin that the captain of the Bluenose 2 gave me last summer. I also have my fathers train collection in my display cabinet"

Remember all the artworks measure 4" x 5" and are just $175. A great price to begin your art collection with original artworks and also great for gifts later in the year, such as graduations, new homes and babies, and weddings! Art is a great way to celebrate and commemorate extraordinary occasions!  

A small oil painting by Jack Ross

A small ALL PAPER collage by Andrea Crouse

A small modern take on the still life by Anna Whalen

And even small print making by Amanda Nicholson