Friday, June 14, 2024

Elizabeth Ranger's SECOND GARDEN

 Last weekend we opened a gorgeous new show of Watercolour and Gouache works by Elizabeth Ranger titled "Second Garden". 

This show will be up from now until June 26th. 

If you find yourself downtown Halifax take a trip to the gallery and check out this stunning collection of over 15 works!

Scroll below for some images from the show as well as older works and other goodies we carry by Elizabeth!

The show opening graphic

Elizabeth's art in the gallery, framed beauitfully in white

"These Fires", 11" x 14", Watercolour on Paper

"Dancing Forest Shrew", 7" x 10", Watercolour & Gouache on Paper

"Badger", 7" x 10", Watercolour & Gouacheon Paper

Another gallery wall full of Elizabeth's beauitfully framed art.

"Lucky Charm", 11" x 14", Watercolour

Alongside her originals, Elizabeth has provided us with a limited quanity of prints of works from her show!
These are a great option for art collectors on a budget! 
These prints will only be available until June 26th. 

Three of the 16 print styles available.

Other wonderful artful things we carry by Elizabeth Ranger...

 Elizabeth has very cleverly designed these gorgeous stickers to fit around a standard sized lighter, giving you a whole new option of adding ART to your life. 
(The use of these stickers is not just limited to lighters!)

A selection of available sticker designs, visit online or in person to see all the styles.

Older Selections of Art Prints

"Lydia and Wurm", 8"x10" Art Print

"Apothecary", 8”x8” art print

Older Original works 

"Serpent of Eden", 8”x10” Art Print

Left: "Angel in the Apples", Watercolour, 6"x6"
Right: "Orphanim Spin", Watercolour, 6"x6"


Click HERE to see Elizabeth Ranger's entire show "Second Garden"
and click HERE to see everything we have available from Elizabeth right now.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Its that time of year again...the time for MYSTERY ART!

We've pulled together an exciting collection of artworks at SALE prices, wrapped them up and put them out for you to TAKE A CHANCE ON ART!

Check out below to see what works are still available! 
See something you want? Call or email us with the number and we'll get it ready for you for pick up or pack it up and ship it right to your door!

Mystery Art in the gallery window (nestled between two lovely Mark Brennan's)

8. It's giving PRIDE (but not in a rainbows way)8" Round $65

11. Coffee or Tea

12. Holiday Sarcasm

13. Non-denominational holiday cheer

14. WWSS (what would Scrooge say)

16. Full of NO Christmas cheer

18. A trip to the outdoors! (framed in glass)

19. Great for the Cottage! (framed in glass)

20. An abstract stroll (framed)

21. Portrait of a tall, skinny, feathered friend

22. A holiday with the inlaws

23. It doesnt get more Nova Scotian than this

24. A Soccer fans day dream

25. Artwork for the Big Leages

26. Bob the builder's great big yellow machine

27. Bob the Builder hard at work

28. Feeling peachy and free by the water

29. The great big balloons in the sky (framed)

30. This is the spot [for our tent] (framed in glass)

31. Docking along the coast (framed in glass)

32. Heritage Moments (framed)

33. Something to Cheer for!

34. Where the Village People used to stay. 

41. Hey Sugar Sugar... 

42. What a Pretty PITCHER

Friday, May 31, 2024


HEY! Have you seen the artwork of Patrizia Berdkan? 

Patrizia acrylic paintings are full of delight and whimsy with bright colours and layered geometric shapes.

Patrizia on her work:

"My work is inspired by a mix mid-century modern design,architectural events such as Expo 67, and a vintage aesthetic fromvarious eras. Having been raised before the age of the internet, I spent many summers exploring art galleries in Montreal. I have a fixation with painting houses in whimsical ways and use them as a focal point in most of my paintings as they bring a familiarity to an otherwise abstract work. I use colors that trigger a positive emotional reaction and a sense of nostalgia."

RIGHT NOW you can get any of Patrizia's paintings at 25% OFF until June 8th! 

This is the perfect time to bring some exciting art into your life!
Check out below for a sample of works available from Patrizia Berdkan.

"We'll watch the wildflowers grow", Acrylic on board, 10"x30"

"We'll pass the time staring at the sun", acrylic on board, 6"x12"

Did you know a lot of Patrizia's works will glow under black light!?

"Don't Let Them Push You Around", Acrylic and Acrylic Polymer on Board, 12"x12"
(This piece glows in the dark!)

"We All Stumble Sometimes", Acrylic and Acrylic Polymer on Board, 12"x12"
(This piece glows in the dark!)

"Once In A Blue Moon", Acrylic on Board, 30"x30"

"Better Days Ahead", Acrylic on Board, 6"x36"

"Invasion" Acrylic on Board, 30"x48"

"Trial and Error", Acrylic on Board, 6"x6"
(Can be hung diagonally!)

"House is Haus", Acrylic on Board, 6"x6"
(Can be hung diagonally!)

Going out in Halifax? Check out the works by Patrizia we've hung in the Oxford Taproom on Quinpool Road! All of these works are available and included in the sale!

"Picture This If You Will", Acrylic on Board, 36"x36"
(Showing at Oxford Taproom)

"Assembly Required", Acrylic on Board, 30"x48"
(Showing at Oxford Taproom)

"Strange New Worlds", Acrylic on Board, 36"x36"
(Showing at the Oxford Taproom)

AND many more works available! Follow this link HERE or visit us at the gallery to see all the works we carry by Patrizia Berdkan!

(PreShrunks are not included in the sale but are being offered on a permanent discount... call or email the gallery to learn more!)