Friday, November 6, 2020


We've got some amazing NEW arrivals this week from some our gallery artists. Craig Gunn, Catherine Bagnell Styles, Deb Bromley, and Alexander Koltakov are all represented here as we begin thinking about the upcoming Holiday season. These bright, colourful paintings would make a wonderful addition to any collection.  Add something beautiful to your home or office while supporting local artists!      

Craig Gunn, Petite River at Rissers Beach, 18" x 24", oil

Craig Gunn, Rissers Beach Evening Walk 1, 18" x 24", oil on board

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Trees Of Green, 24" x 24", acrylic on board

Deb Bromley, We Can Only Dream, 24" x 18", acrylic on canvas

Alexander Koltakov, Dancing in the Snow, 16" x 20", oil on canvas

Alexander Koltakov, Winter Paths, 20" x 20", acrylic on canvas

For purchase inquiries, contact the gallery at
(902) 425-9456, or via email;

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

First Day of Snow in Nova Scotia calls for some HYGGE

It's a winter wonderland here in Halifax, NS this afternoon. The type of pretty snow that covers the tree branches like icing with big beautiful flakes quietly floating around. Ahhh....the first day of snow. 

It's a great day to take comfort inside with a warm cuppa, a sweater or warm blanket, make a delicious meal and settle down to watch the US election in a state of anxiety and dismay....oops..we mean....forget all that and just relax! Everything is going to be okay. 

Here are some artworks still available by our gallery artists that can bring calm to your home or office year round. Winter inspired for a wintery day, of course...

This beauty is an acrylic painting by Isobel Hamilton, and is so life like that it's been mistaken as an actual candle in our gallery windows when it's been on display there. So cozy and warm!  

This painting of a selkie sweater by Briana Corr Scott may inspire you to put away your summer clothing and bring out those comfy wool sweaters for evenings like this or perhaps take up knitting before the year's end. This painting is the original work, that appears in her recent publication by Nimbus Publishing too.

This hand embroidered stunner is by Yoko White and no winter inspired posting would be complete without including her works of the night skies. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? In this artwork, the night sky dances and glows to life!

If you've visited the gallery recently, you may have noticed this painting hanging around...still waiting for it's forever home. It is simply one of the most breathtaking paintings of winter and captures that cozy warm feeling of the season. It's by Mark Brennan....come take a peek when the storm subsides.

There's no better time than today to stop what you are doing and relax on the couch with a good book, a box of chocolates and watch the snowflakes or the end of the world and stress-eat...oops...we mean....just relax. It's going to be okay. :-). Kim Danio's miniature sculptures made from re-purposed items are filled with creativity and imagination that delight all ages. 


Friday, October 30, 2020

NEW Ocean Inspired Gift Ideas by Kimberley Eddy!

If you're looking for a fun gift idea this holiday season, consider purchasing some original art! We've just received these NEW Cheeseboards and Ornament/Suncatchers by Kimberley Eddy! 

These original resin poured designs from Kimberley's Custom Ocean Agate series, are made from food-safe acrylic resin, and add a decorative element to your entertainment needs. These Cheeseboards can be used for any occasion, and make great gifts, only $85 each!       

Kimberley Eddy, Custom Ocean Agate Cheeseboard,
12" x 8", resin, ink, acrylic and bamboo

Kimberley Eddy, Custom Ocean Agate Cheeseboard, 
12" x 8", resin, ink, acrylic and bamboo

SOLD Kimberley Eddy, Custom Ocean Agate Cheeseboard, 
12" x 8", resin, ink, acrylic and bamboo

These "Ocean Escape" Ornaments and Suncatchers can be hung from a Christmas Tree, or proudly displayed in your window.  These thoughtful gift items can be enjoyed year round. Available now for only $50 (each).

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Escape Christmas Ornament/Suncatchers, 3.75" diameter (approx.)

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Escape Christmas Ornament/Suncatchers, 3.75" diameter (approx.)

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Escape Christmas Ornament/Suncatchers, 3.75" diameter (approx.) Left (available) &  SOLD (Right)

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Escape Christmas Ornament/Suncatchers, 3.75" diameter (approx.)
SOLD (Left)  &  SOLD (Right)

Kimberley Eddy, Ocean Escape Christmas Ornament/Suncatchers, 3.75" diameter (approx.)

For purchase inquired contact the gallery at (902) 425-9456 or via email;

To see more of Kimberley Eddy's work, follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Discover the MYSTERY of ART

A few Saturday's ago it was a dark and stormy night....and NOCTURNE happened despite the pandemic and challenging weather. Brave folks darted in and out of galleries and spaces, between raindrops in the name of art. Although this was a very different Nocturne experience for us this year, we were grateful to be able to host anything at all with Covid-19 hanging around and want to THANK YOU for supporting us. 

We hosted two fabulous shows by Anne Marie MacEachen and Anna Whalen inside the gallery and an interactive outside exhibit called the SCENE OF THE CRIME with the help of a local theatre company and local businesses too. You can still enjoy these beautiful, playful and mysterious shows at our gallery in person or online anytime. 

Artist Anne Marie MacEachen's paintings are filled magic and mystery in her show called Illuminations. See the FULL SHOW HERE.

Overpass, Acrylc on Board, 24" x 24", Anne Marie MacEachen
Overpass, Acrylic on Board, 24" x 24", Anne Marie MacEachen

 Artist Anna Whalen has been taking viewers on a tour of memory lane and nostalgia with her paintings.Each are accompanied with a QR code that Anna carefully crafted to take you to specific videos on YouTube that were the inspiration for her specific works or give you a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of popular culture, advertisements and the influence of media on our daily lives through the ages. 

To give you an example, here's a painting that we love of a TV Dinner by Anna....which by the way, is painted as if it were life sized...and when you scan the QR Code for this painting you end up HERE. 

The age of fast food and way back to the 1940s. You can still to this very day, purchase a tv dinner just like this one.  Are you hungry yet?   SEE THE FULL SHOW HERE.

The SCENE OF THE CRIME show is a group show inspired by the popular board game CLUE. Artists were asked to create works with that in mind and the results were marvelous!

 Then during NOCTURNE night, participants explored Barrington Street in search of clues from each of the paintings that had been displayed in local businesses windows. If all the clues were answered correctly, the answer to WHO DUNNIT was revealed. In case you DID this that evening or later the next day, the final answer to the CLUE SHOW was: Miss Scarlett was the murderer, in the Kitchen with a Candlestick. Congratulations to all that got that correct and the winner of our prize too!

 YOU CAN SEE THIS SHOW ONLINE HERE, but later this week we'll create an online mystery with these paintings, so that whether you are near or far, you can still enjoy the mysteries of art. 

Scene of the Crime painting "I'm Often Following you..", 15" x 30, Acrylic on Canvas by Adrien Smith

During the night of NOCTURNE, The Villain's Theatre acted out a "silent play" that was visible through the gallery windows to get our detectives inspired. It is a playful scenario of Colonel Mustard trying to solve a murder; painting out his theories with mustard, of course- while the culprits sneak around behind him trying not to be caught. Take a peek below OR CLICK HERE.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Get your Halloween inspired masks by Yoko White!

Just in time for Halloween! Celebrate in style with these Jack O' Lantern inspired masks by Yoko White.  Each handmade mask features an embroidered pumpkin grin. These masks are a costume in themselves! Have fun trick-or-treating while staying safe this year.  Available now while supplies last!

We've got lots of great styles to choose from, all unique and hand made by the artist.  To see more of Yoko's work, follow the link to our Flickr page HERE

For purchase inquires, contact the gallery; 
902.425.9456, or via email at

Saturday, October 17, 2020


Hello Everyone! NOCTURNE TIME IS HERE AGAIN, and this year we are hosting in-person events at the gallery with safety precautions in place, so please drop by anytime today or tonight  from 11am until 10pm to enjoy local art at it's finest!


Beginning at 7pm, the fun really begins and the weather is supposed to clear by then, so fingers crossed! JOIN US FOR A FUN SELF GUIDED CLUE INSPIRED SCAVENGER HUNT art show! You can explore this show tonight and all day tomorrow (Sunday) .  

FIND OUT THE FULL DETAILS ON THE SCENE OF THE CRIME HERE as well as the other great programming happening tonight which also include a short play by Villains Theatre and live music with the URBAN SURF KINGS. 

You can download the Clue Sheet below and print off or save to your device. 


                              TO DOWNLOAD YOUR CLUE SHEET CLICK HERE


FOR THOSE OF YOU AT A DISTANCE, we'll take you on a tour via FACEBOOK LIVE throughout the evening and post the artworks next week here, so you can take part from afar too. But tonight our focus is on the folks coming through the doors and our hope is that we have friends and families enjoying art together. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

VISUAL ART- THEATRE- LIVE MUSIC! Celebrate NOCTURNE 2020 with Us this Week!

 This time last year, we were bracing ourselves and prepping the gallery for upwards of 3200 visitors  in celebration of NOCTURNE- one of our favourite times of the year. 2020 has thrown things off a bit to say the least, but the shows must go on! We've got some IN-PERSON and ONLINE visual art shows for you to enjoy as well as THEATRE and LIVE MUSIC too. 

Check out the full line-up at the gallery below, plan your visit and check back here for updates throughout the week and sneak peeks!. We hope to see some of you here this FRIDAY or SATURDAY! OPENED LATE BOTH DAYS! You can check out the full NOCTURNE schedule online HERE.



October 14th Wednesday & October 15th, Thursday 11am-5:30pm   

We are opened per usual for you to enjoy the various artworks by our gallery artists. So many new works have arrived in the last few months, so we hope you'll enjoy taking a look around. We may be bustling around the gallery prepping for new shows, but we are always happy to have visitors.


We will have two brand new shows hanging on the walls created especially for NOCTURNE 2020. Both will be hung in our main gallery, so they are accessible to all in person (no stairs required). Both shows will also be online from the link on this blog under the tab NEW WORKS TO DISCOVER!

We're hosting new paintings by Anne Marie MacEachen in an exhibit called "ILLUMINATIONS" which is a suite of acrylic paintings that highlight a perfect serenity that can exist in simple moments such as when the tail lights reflect in the rain on the road or the street lamps light up the clouds.   

Also opening on Friday is the latest paintings by Anna Whalen in a show called "Hey, I got an idea, Let's play Make Believe. This collection of playful, spirited oil paintings take a stroll through nostalic popular culture from the 1960s to the 1990s, with each work titled with wise and not so wise quotes from the greats. Bring your cell phone to the show and scan the accompanying QR CODES to be transported to the tv shows or advertisements portrayed in the paintings.  

BONUS: Friday, October 16th, Anna Whalen will bring her art studio and practice into the gallery. She'll be working on a painting in the gallery between 4:30-6pm, so please drop by and say hello or watch from the gallery window. Here is a glimpse of the painting she will be working these folks look familiar to you? We think they are "out of this world". 


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 11am-10pm:



MEET ARTISTS ANNA WHALEN &  ANNE MARIE MACEACHEN  and celebrate their new shows with us! This will be like an opening reception but socially distanced and safe, and with treats! Make sure to bring your cell phones to interact with the show by Anna Whalen and to take some pictures to share online to encourage others to visit our gallery and all the other great locations to explore. Make sure to use the hashtag #nochfx20

 Then  Later that evening....


BE PART OF OUR CLUE INSPIRED SHOW CALLED SCENE OF THE CRIME – Artwork by a variety of local artists and Clues will be scattered all over Barrington Street for you to discover in local windows of local amazing businesses!  LOOK FOR THE CRIME SCENE numbers and find hidden clues in the art to move you along to the next painting by a local artist that is simply to die for!

STARTING POINT: PICK UP YOUR CLUE SHEET at our gallery door from our butler on guard that evening or print off a pdf version of it from our blog at  on Saturday!

Painting by Jack Ross


WATCH A SILENT PLAY FROM OUTSIDE OUR GALLERY WINDOWS DEPICTING MURDER AND MYSTERY to get you in the mood, thanks to the theatrical talents of The Villains Theatre. The play will happen in our windows a few times that evening, lasting approximately 5 minutes each time. We hope to have it recorded so you can enjoy it afterwards should you miss it's playing times in person. 

GREAT NEWS!  You can continue to solve the art crime on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18th all the artwork will stay in place until Monday, so get outside and walk around. Remember you can pick up your CRIME SHEETS via a link to be posted HERE on Saturday. 

Painting by Amber Gillespie

****WINNING: Other than having a super  fun time discovering art with us, simply return your completed CRIME SHEETS to us in person to the gallery the following week, OR email ( us a photo of your completed sheet. You may also send us a message via social media with either FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM by NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 21st to be entered to WIN a PRE-SHRUNK GOLDEN TICKET to the hottest little art show in Halifax, happening in January, valued at $175!!  ****







Friday, October 2, 2020

Attentions Artists: DEADline Extended for Clue- Inspired Show! There's still time....get involved!



THE SCENE OF THE CRIME: An Exhibition of Mystery and Suspense!

 BE PART OF NOCTURNE 2020on Saturday, October 17th. 

We're planning an interactive art show for Covid times called "The Scene of the Crime" is loosely based on the popular murder mystery boardgame of CLUE. We are currently looking for submissions that capture the  feeling or essence of the places, people and items in the game but with your own styles, subject matters etc.  

***We are not as interested in very literal responses to this ( ie just a painting or replication of the board game per say) but works that can stand on their own, even if they weren't part of this show. This will be strongly considered when decisions are made.***

Rooms: Ilustrated in the painting below by Isobel Hamilton is a painting similar to what she may paint but applies very well to the theme of the show. 

Portraits: Don't necessarily have to be straight ahead portraits...they could be studies in colour theories, or objects creative! 

Weapons: We are hoping for these to be created as playful sculptures or less imposing items. A juxtaposition if you will...


Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Significance of Purple: Paulette Melanson

We're just re-hung the gallery in beautiful many colours and positive vibes coming from the walls all around us today. Today we launch the new show of abstract paintings by Paulette Melanson, where every stoke of colour and mark making has meaning and intention. Each painting has a story to tell, and we hope to share a few of these with you throughout the duration of this show.

This painting is called "The Significance of Purple" and below it we have included the writings of Paulette as she shared them with us today. Enjoy! How has certain colours affected your life over the years?....something neat to think about as you read this. 

Purple has always been my favorite colour.  I had not realized how colours in my early years still have influence on me today.  I grew up in the village of Scoudouc, New Brunswick in an apartment my father built in my paternal grandparents' large house surrounded by farmland and forest.  By that point 9 of their 13 children were moved out.  My grandparents and my aunts and uncle who were still living with them gave my siblings and me lots of attention.  They had grape Kool-Aid, we always had red Kool-Aid at home.   They had grapes and plums; we had good old apples and oranges.  

I have fond memories of my uncle, 12 years older than me, sharing his purple Kool-Aid when I was just a toddler on many occasions. He would play games and tease me to no end but in a good way.  I have memories picking the first mayflowers, the first blueberries, the first lilacs, the first purple violets and bringing them to my grandmother first, then my mother (poor her she must have felt second best).  My grandmother would give us candies.  My mother might give us cookies.  My grandfather loved to garden. In his flower garden there were beautiful dahlias, gladiolas and purple pansies which I liked best because they looked velvety and seemed to have faces.  Then there were the wild purple iris flowers everywhere in the ditches.  How we tried and tried to get to them without getting wet.  

I have memories of a beautiful tall purple metallic-paper cone hat that I made with my aunts for some school event.  I felt like a princess.  And the time I sewed myself a dark purple corduroy jumper and purple paisley blouse and feeling especially good on those days when I was wearing that outfit to school.  And I still can't believe this one; when I was a teenager I suggested to my parents that they paint the kitchen cabinets light purple and to my surprise they did!  They kept the kitchen that colour for the longest time and then I began to not like light purple.

My mother was a very devoted catholic and I was too in my younger years. We lived close to the large imposing church which was located halfway between home and the two room school (grade 1-6). During lent my friend Phyllis and I would drop by and enter the church on our way home from school to play for a while on the premise of doing "le chemin de la croix" - the way of the cross.  I'm surprised no one kicked us out.  There were so many things to see and admire.  The fabulous stained glass windows had a lot of purple which made the other colours glow.  Purple seemed to be a dominant colour everywhere in the church on these occasions.

For me, purple has happy, peaceful and beautiful adjectives associated with it.  To this day it makes me feel good.  On the other hand, pretty sure I will never ever be tempted to paint any walls light purple or lilac.

Make sure to check out Paulette's entire new show, called "In Search of Meaning" HERE.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Art for Hurricane Days

It's hurricane season here in Nova Scotia and as we write this blog the wind and rain are just beginning to really get started with us. So before the power goes out and we still have the internet, we thought we'd put a few works of art here for you to enjoy and help you weather the storm whether literally or figuratively ....and be grateful for our creature comforts.

For starters,let's celebrate LIGHT!  Horray! We still have light and this gouache painting by Miyoshi Kondo is mesmerizing! 

Or maybe you don't have electricity, and you just have to make your own. Behold! The candle! This acrylic painting by Isobel Hamilton feels like it could warm up any room in the house! So much WARMTH.

Another creature comfort is BEING COZY and curling up in your favourite chair or couch, like this beauty of a couch painted by Megan LeForte.

Perhaps hug your cat or dog and curl up with them too! This small painting by Jessica Gay is so adorable!!

Of course a BIG part of weathering out the storm is FOOD. Having lots of munchies on hand and eating delicious comforting food is the best. Here's a painting by George Spencer that is more about the food you may have to eat if the power goes out...but it still looks mighty delicious! 

 Or perhaps this is more your speed today...and that's ok too. This painting by Diana Rogers is called "In the Interest of Self Care". 

Watching your favourite old movies or listening to some music makes the days happier too! This print by Hannah Emmett is of the character Jules Winnfield. Do you know what movie it's from? 

Here's some real ROCK music inspiration! Freddie Mercury would approve of this portrait painted on rock by Kerry Hodgson! 

Whatever you do today to make yourself feel better and in the days to come, remember to take care and share lots of LOVE.  This hand-beaded pin by Chelsea Legge is a beautiful sparkly reminder.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Claws for Celebration- 20 Years Folks!

 Nothing like starting off a Saturday blog post with a good visual pun  and a new coloured pencil drawing by Dusan Postolovic that just crawled in the doors today! So life-like and amazing!

Good afternoon...we are writing to you from a sunny but cool Fall-ish day here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today and for the last few weeks we have been quietly celebrating our 20th Year in Business and have extended our SALE (20% off works created before 2020 excluding already reduced works)  AND PROMO to WIN $100 until the end of day this Sunday, September 13th, so get looking around on our blog and see what you can see. 

There really is so so much to see online! Through the major part of the lockdown we tried to photograph as much as we could, but there are always new works arriving so it's an on-going beautiful battle.

 Here area  few beauties that are still looking for homes by our very talented roster of artists!

Poppy and Small Pot, 16" x 20", Oil on Board, Briana Corr Scott

Slow Century, 20" x 24", Acrylic on Board, Andrew MacDonald

Hopeful, 10" x 10", Acrylic and Mixed Media, Catherine Bagnell Styles

I Go Out of Sight, 11" x 14" Gouache on Paper, Amy Ordoveza

The Old Apothecary, 20" x 24", Acrylic on Board, Jan Davison