Saturday, May 7, 2022

Don't Miss It!

Welcome, welcome!

If you didn't get the chance to stop by for our opening reception, keep reading to get caught up on all the deets.

May 7th was our opening showcase for two amazing artist, Roisin Cadieux & Heidi Holloway. Each artist has a complete body of work themed around animals. You can pop by the gallery anytime this month to catch a glimpse of each show.

Figure of Speech - A showcase by Heidi Holloway featuring brightly coloured birds in fun situations. The highlight of the show for us were the clever names Heidi came up with for her pieces.

Heidi Holloway - Good Idea

Heidi Holloway - At Your Beak and Call

Heidi, born and raised in the Maritimes is a self taught artist working mostly with acrylic but also dabbling in oil painting and watercolours. Her mindful spirit and corky sense of humour have greatly influenced the themes and expressions in her work.

Heidi Holloway - All Song and Dance

Heidi Holloway

You can see more work by Heidi HERE

• • •

Musical Mache Menagerie  - Showcase by Rosin Cadieux feature works made of antique sheet music. Each piece is named after a musician she is inspired by. 

Roisin Cadieux - Elton

Roisin Cadieux - Nick

Roisin uses her work to explore and celebrate language with a particular focus on universal languages such as music. Her inspiration to create lies in her love of antique paper, a collection spanning close to 300 years old.

Work displayed at Argyle Fine Art by Roisin Cadieux

Roisin Cadieux

You can see more by Roisin HERE

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Happy Mother's Day -Animal Adoption Special

Happy MOTHERS DAY weekend!

Would you like to be a DOG MOM?

Nothing says "I love you mom" like a new family member and we just happen to have some cuties still looking for homes. All these works are made from reclaimed shoes, handcrafted by Kim Danio so you are also supporting sustainable art and keeping things from heading to the landfill!

Info: Bella is a fun loving pup. She enjoys running, playing fetch & chewing on your favourite shoes... But in a cute way!

Dog Breed: Beagle

Adoption Fee: $75

Info: Angus is an old boy but still has some kick left. Retired from his day job, he now enjoys cozy nights at home snuggled up on his favourite chair.  

Dog Breed: Basset Hound

Adoption Fee: $75

Info: Rocco is enthusiastic and stylish. He has a playful spirit and enjoys long walks around the park.

Dog Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Adoption Fee: $75

Info: Kobe the cat is playful but affectionate. He enjoys snack time and Sunday morning cartoons.

Cat Breed: Domestic Gray Tabby

Adoption Fee: $125

Info:  Blu is the last of her batch to be adopted. She loves springtime showers and jumping in puddles. She gets her name from her bright blue eyes.

Bird Type: Spring Chick

Adoption Fee: $65

Info: Wendy is a sassy lady. She loves to be adorned in jewellery and fancy hats so feel free to dress her up! She can often be found strolling around town with her husband Ed.

Breed: Light Hair Alpaca

Adoption Fee: $95

Info: Ed “Chewpaca” Edison is a simple man. His love of sci-fi and corn on the cob gets him though long conversations with his wife Wendy.

Breed: Dark Hair Alpaca

Adoption Fee: $95

Info: Sadie is a special horse who made it all the way to Halifax from Sable Island! She loves travelling from place to place, feeling the crisp breeze through her dusty mane.

Breed: Sable Island Horse

Adoption Fee: $165

Info: Betsy is the sweetest bee you will ever meet- one may even say she's the BEES KNEES! She enjoys bumbling around the backyard and her favourite flowers are dandelions.

Breed: Bumble Bee

Adoption Fee: $125

If you have fallen in love with one of our sweet shoe friends feel free to call or email the gallery to proceed with adoption. These are all easy to ship anywhere in the world too!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Round & Round Again

Brigitte St-Arnaud - Rumor

Well, our circular themed group show is coming to an end. We wanted to take this time to thank all of the amazing artists who participated in our
GET-A-ROUND exhibit.

Featuring over 30 works of art and 21 artists, this show was one to behold! Some artists had a challenge embracing the modern style of the circle format, while for others it was their preferred medium for their craft.

Group shows are one of our favourite ways to discover new artist, it also give our regular artists a space to play and experiment.

These are just some of the artworks available to the show.  You can view the entire showcase here

Renee Brazeau - Overlooking CapeSplit

This show really embraced diversity in medium, featuring everything from Oil paintings, Acrylic, Gouache and even textile/embroidery!  

Erin Hollingshead - Morning Moon

Paulette Melanson - Underwater Moment

Alyssa Doggett - Almost There
Alyssa Doggett - A Lawrencetown Road

Raquel Roth - Pleasantly Peachy

Jessica Gay - When Spring Rolls Around

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Surrounded By Beauty


My name is Nancy Wilson and I love to be in the company of beautiful things.

That is why I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Argyle Fine Art. It’s a place where I go to surround myself with art, design, colours and beauty.

I have always been drawn to projects that emphasize beauty, whether it is web design, household renovations, interior design, or hanging art for friends and clients. Most recently I have been creating felt art.

I have often worked in exchange for art and have been fortunate to work with some talented artists. I have collected some great pieces that have moved with me from place to place.

I originally came to Halifax from New Brunswick to attend Saint Mary’s University. I’ve moved around and lived in different parts of Canada, but I always end up back in Halifax. I guess that makes it my home.

I will be helping out at special events and openings and taking care of some behind-the-scenes projects as well. 

I am looking forward to meeting you and talking about art and beauty with you.    



Saturday, April 23, 2022

Can You See it Now?...How About Now?

If you happened to stop by our GET-AROUND group show, you might have noticed this particular painting by Kyla Dooley. Does it look familiar to you?

Inspired by the standard AutoRefractor test during eye exams, you may recognize this little house or sometimes a hot air balloon at the end of a long stretch of road.

Can you see it now?...How about now?
Kyla Dooley is a visual artist based in Vancouver & Halifax, working within the realm of expanded media. Her practice spans a plethora of disciplines where the concept informs the choice of media.

Our GET-A-ROUND show is open to view until the end of April. Feel free to pop by anytime to see this eye catching piece by Kyla.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

It's Nice to Meet you

My name is Kassandra. I am an artist/illustrator proudly based in Dartmouth, NS.

A bit of history so we can get to know each other. My career began in retail 10 years ago, working in record stores, comic shops and most recently a tattoo parlour. While I enjoy all aspects of retail and business my true passion lies in art and creative forms.

You may know me from my bottle cap pins and funky illustrations seen around the internet. I really enjoy making art from a silly playful perspective and try not to take life too seriously. 

That's why I am so excited to join the team here are Argyle Fine Art! I cant wait to meet so many of the faces that make this gallery a focal point of the community.

Please feel free to drop in and say hi! or message me on Instagram and introduce yourself! @kassandra_lois

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"Get A-Round", Round Up...New Works by Local Artists

Our "Get A-Round" exhibition just opened last weekend, and with such an amazing collection of artwork, we wanted to share it with you! The exhibition features 36 new paintings by 21 local artists! We really enjoyed seeing so many friends and supporters at the opening reception, and the show has been very well received...

That being said, there's lots of incredible artwork to discover, and there's still time to drop by the gallery and check it out! You can also view the full exhibition online HERE  

"Get A-Round" Group Exhibition, Installation View 1

One of the great things about group shows is we're often introduced to new artistic talent, like Kyla Dooley, who's work is featured below...  

Kyla Dooley, "Peripheries 1", 32", acrylic on board

Because the exhibition features circular artworks, it allowed other gallery artists to explore a new format, like these round floral paintings by Raquel Roth. You can see other amazing works by this artist HERE

Raquel Roth (Left) "Pleasantly Peachy", (Centre) "Radiant Reds", (Right) "Youthful Yellow",
12", acrylic on board

Renée Brazeau is a first-time contributor to the gallery, and her embroidery and mixed media  works are a sight to behold!

(Left) Renée Brazeau, Shimmering Tides, 6", (Right) "Overlooking Cape Split", 4",
 embroidery floss, semi precious beads on cotton

Renée Brazeau, "Parrsboro Lighthouse", 8" diameter, embroidery floss, semi precious beads on cotton

"Get A-Round" Group Exhibition, Installation View 2

Sarah Sehl is a frequent contributor to previous group shows, as well as this years' "PreShrunk" exhibition...

Sarah Sehl, "Citrine", 8", acrylic on wood

Next up, are these incredible paintings by Amy Ordoveza. Amy was first introduced to us through PreShrunk a few years ago, she's been a permanent fixture of the gallery ever can see more of Amy's work HERE

Amy Ordoveza, (Left) "Snowflake on Blue Ground", 12",
(Right)"Snowflake on Green Ground", 12", oil on board

We're also  thrilled to share this NEW painting by gallery newcomer Annie Murray! Annie just had a sold-out show with us last month, and the demand for her work has been gaining momentum ever since...

Annie Murray, "Parting Favor", 14", oil on board

These Lawrencetown landscapes by Alyssa Doggett, are sure to be a hit! Enjoy a familiar piece of Nova Scotia from the comfort of your own home!

Alyssa Doggett, (Left) "A Lawrence Town Road", 12", (Centre) "Almost There", 10",
(Right) "East Lawrencetown, 12", acrylic on board

Get A-Round Exhibition "Installation View 3"

Peaceful and Serene, enjoy the view with this delightful painting by Lynn Johnson...

Lynn Johnson, Breathing Space, 9", acrylic on board

Mindy Harris delivers an incredible collection of Women Astronauts in this embroidery piece... 

Mindy Harris, Small World, 13", hand embroidered cotton on canvas

We've also got some amazing local cityscapes for you to enjoy by Jack Ross! You can see more of Jack's work HERE

Jack Ross, (Left) Afternoon Light, Granville, 14", (Right) Waterfront Lights, 12", acrylic on board

Our "Get A-Round" exhibition has something for everybody! With Spring in full swing, it's a great time to drop by the gallery for a visit.  There's always something new to discover at Argyle Fine Art...see you soon!

Jessica Gay, "When Spring Rolls Around", 7" diameter, embroidery and watercolour on cotton

"Get A-Round" Group Exhibition, Installation View 4

Featured artworks are available for purchase, for details contact us at
(902) 425-9456, or via email at

You can also view the "Get A-Round" exhibition on our Flickr page HERE

We're always open online! Visit us at

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


On today's blog post we wanted to feature emerging artist Annie Murray, whose amazing NEW paintings are currently on view! This is Annie's first solo show, and the first time we've shown her larger work at the gallery.  Annie was first introduced to us during this year's PreShrunk Exhibition.

Annie Murray is a Halifax based oil painter quickly emerging onto the Nova Scotian art scene. Born in 1994 on a dairy farm in rural Ontario, Murray has been inspired to express herself through painting from a very early age. 


While studying drawing and painting at OCADU in Toronto, Murray realized her path as an artist benefited more from technical based teaching than the conceptual approach taken by the university.

Artist Annie Murray posing with her artwork at her Opening Reception,
Argyle Fine Art, Saturday, March 19.
Murray went on to study under Japanese-Canadian Painter Keita Morimoto, whose nod to Dutch masters and baroque techniques heavily influenced her approach to painting the figure today. 

Annie Murray, "July", 10" x 8", oil on board
Murray pulls much of her artistic influences from contemporary painters living and working today, such as Jen Mann, Peter Doig and Justin Mortimer. 

Annie Murray, Something About the Sun, 8" x 8", oil on board
Moving to Halifax Nova Scotia in 2018, Murray began to seriously pursue an artistic career during the onset of Covid-19 lock downs. She has since sold work through digital platforms to private collectors in North American, Australia and Europe. 

Installation View, New Works by Annie Murray
Murray creates figurative based paintings that explore the subconscious, beauty and our associations to colour. Murray’s use of collage within her art practice makes her work strikingly unique. The juxtaposition between immaculately rendered portraits and flat planes of colour create complex and mysterious narratives, pushing her work into an abstracted realm.

Annie Murray, "Summer Peony", 8" x 8", oil on board

Fascinated with the nuances of human expression, Murray has a skill for capturing intimate moments. She often conveys intricate expressions of sadness, power, or bliss within her works, which appear strikingly against her use of vibrant colour. 

Annie Murray, Yellow Suede, 8" x 8", oil on board

Be sure to drop by the gallery this week to see the artwork in person!

You can also view the full collection of Annie's paintings online HERE

Featured Artworks are available for purchase, for details contact us at
(902) 425-9456 or via email at

We're always open online! 

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