Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Significance of Purple: Paulette Melanson

We're just re-hung the gallery in beautiful many colours and positive vibes coming from the walls all around us today. Today we launch the new show of abstract paintings by Paulette Melanson, where every stoke of colour and mark making has meaning and intention. Each painting has a story to tell, and we hope to share a few of these with you throughout the duration of this show.

This painting is called "The Significance of Purple" and below it we have included the writings of Paulette as she shared them with us today. Enjoy! How has certain colours affected your life over the years?....something neat to think about as you read this. 

Purple has always been my favorite colour.  I had not realized how colours in my early years still have influence on me today.  I grew up in the village of Scoudouc, New Brunswick in an apartment my father built in my paternal grandparents' large house surrounded by farmland and forest.  By that point 9 of their 13 children were moved out.  My grandparents and my aunts and uncle who were still living with them gave my siblings and me lots of attention.  They had grape Kool-Aid, we always had red Kool-Aid at home.   They had grapes and plums; we had good old apples and oranges.  

I have fond memories of my uncle, 12 years older than me, sharing his purple Kool-Aid when I was just a toddler on many occasions. He would play games and tease me to no end but in a good way.  I have memories picking the first mayflowers, the first blueberries, the first lilacs, the first purple violets and bringing them to my grandmother first, then my mother (poor her she must have felt second best).  My grandmother would give us candies.  My mother might give us cookies.  My grandfather loved to garden. In his flower garden there were beautiful dahlias, gladiolas and purple pansies which I liked best because they looked velvety and seemed to have faces.  Then there were the wild purple iris flowers everywhere in the ditches.  How we tried and tried to get to them without getting wet.  

I have memories of a beautiful tall purple metallic-paper cone hat that I made with my aunts for some school event.  I felt like a princess.  And the time I sewed myself a dark purple corduroy jumper and purple paisley blouse and feeling especially good on those days when I was wearing that outfit to school.  And I still can't believe this one; when I was a teenager I suggested to my parents that they paint the kitchen cabinets light purple and to my surprise they did!  They kept the kitchen that colour for the longest time and then I began to not like light purple.

My mother was a very devoted catholic and I was too in my younger years. We lived close to the large imposing church which was located halfway between home and the two room school (grade 1-6). During lent my friend Phyllis and I would drop by and enter the church on our way home from school to play for a while on the premise of doing "le chemin de la croix" - the way of the cross.  I'm surprised no one kicked us out.  There were so many things to see and admire.  The fabulous stained glass windows had a lot of purple which made the other colours glow.  Purple seemed to be a dominant colour everywhere in the church on these occasions.

For me, purple has happy, peaceful and beautiful adjectives associated with it.  To this day it makes me feel good.  On the other hand, pretty sure I will never ever be tempted to paint any walls light purple or lilac.

Make sure to check out Paulette's entire new show, called "In Search of Meaning" HERE.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Art for Hurricane Days

It's hurricane season here in Nova Scotia and as we write this blog the wind and rain are just beginning to really get started with us. So before the power goes out and we still have the internet, we thought we'd put a few works of art here for you to enjoy and help you weather the storm whether literally or figuratively ....and be grateful for our creature comforts.

For starters,let's celebrate LIGHT!  Horray! We still have light and this gouache painting by Miyoshi Kondo is mesmerizing! 

Or maybe you don't have electricity, and you just have to make your own. Behold! The candle! This acrylic painting by Isobel Hamilton feels like it could warm up any room in the house! So much WARMTH.

Another creature comfort is BEING COZY and curling up in your favourite chair or couch, like this beauty of a couch painted by Megan LeForte.

Perhaps hug your cat or dog and curl up with them too! This small painting by Jessica Gay is so adorable!!

Of course a BIG part of weathering out the storm is FOOD. Having lots of munchies on hand and eating delicious comforting food is the best. Here's a painting by George Spencer that is more about the food you may have to eat if the power goes out...but it still looks mighty delicious! 

 Or perhaps this is more your speed today...and that's ok too. This painting by Diana Rogers is called "In the Interest of Self Care". 

Watching your favourite old movies or listening to some music makes the days happier too! This print by Hannah Emmett is of the character Jules Winnfield. Do you know what movie it's from? 

Here's some real ROCK music inspiration! Freddie Mercury would approve of this portrait painted on rock by Kerry Hodgson! 

Whatever you do today to make yourself feel better and in the days to come, remember to take care and share lots of LOVE.  This hand-beaded pin by Chelsea Legge is a beautiful sparkly reminder.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Claws for Celebration- 20 Years Folks!

 Nothing like starting off a Saturday blog post with a good visual pun  and a new coloured pencil drawing by Dusan Postolovic that just crawled in the doors today! So life-like and amazing!

Good afternoon...we are writing to you from a sunny but cool Fall-ish day here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today and for the last few weeks we have been quietly celebrating our 20th Year in Business and have extended our SALE (20% off works created before 2020 excluding already reduced works)  AND PROMO to WIN $100 until the end of day this Sunday, September 13th, so get looking around on our blog and see what you can see. 

There really is so so much to see online! Through the major part of the lockdown we tried to photograph as much as we could, but there are always new works arriving so it's an on-going beautiful battle.

 Here area  few beauties that are still looking for homes by our very talented roster of artists!

Poppy and Small Pot, 16" x 20", Oil on Board, Briana Corr Scott

Slow Century, 20" x 24", Acrylic on Board, Andrew MacDonald

Hopeful, 10" x 10", Acrylic and Mixed Media, Catherine Bagnell Styles

I Go Out of Sight, 11" x 14" Gouache on Paper, Amy Ordoveza

The Old Apothecary, 20" x 24", Acrylic on Board, Jan Davison


Monday, September 7, 2020

William Rudolph Brings New Life To Re-Purposed Bike Parts!

We're thrilled to bring you new works from the creative mind of William Rudolph.  These incredible  sculptures are made from assembled found objects.  Re-purposed bicycled parts are prominently featured and re-imagined as figures, animals, and even a tribute to a famous Cubist painter!
William Rudolph, Roller Man, 16" x 13" x 5", assembled found objects

William Rudolph, Lizard, 6" x 14" x 4.5", assembled found objects

William Rudolph, Corky, 13" x 3.5" x 3.5", assembled found objects

William Rudolph, If Picasso Had Been A Metal Worker, 4" x 5" x 2.5", assembled found objects

To see more of William's work, you can follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

Artworks available for purchase, for purchasing inquiries contact the gallery 
(902) 425-9456 or via email;

Friday, August 21, 2020

Summer Attractions...still going Strong!

 Hey there! We hope your week is going well and that you are enjoying August and all the greatness it has to offer no matter where you are living. Here in Nova Scotia, the sunflowers are blooming in full force and artist Catherine Bagnell Styles captured one of many of her blooms. 

                            Catherine Bagnell Styles, Ode to Vincent, 24" x 18", acrylic on canvas


Agatha the Chicken & Delilah the Dog

Some might ask, "Why are we hosting a CHICKEN and a DOG at the gallery this Saturday?"  And to that we reply: " WHY NOT!  It's 2020 and if people's lives can be made happier by a visit from a chicken and a pup that love to hang out together, then why not. Of course, to make it artfully relevant, we are asking folks to drop by and sketch or snap a photo of the duo from 2pm-3pm at the gallery. A great opportunity to draw from life! We are setting up socially distanced chairs outside and inside the gallery. All you need is to bring your own paper, pencils and pens. All ages are encouraged to drop by.

While you are visiting the gallery make sure to check out the latest show "HOMESTEAD " by Isobel Hamilton. Below is one example of her painted magic but you can find the entire show online HERE.
We also have some paintings still available from Gordon MacDonald's show online HERE. Below is one example of a painting waiting for it's forever home.

REMEMBER THAT WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 20th ANNIVERSARY and offering 20% any works created in 2019 and prior of $200 or more value AND are also challenging everyone to PLEDGE TO SPEND $20.For each $20 spent you will automatically be entered into our draw for $100.We encourage you to share your purchases with your friends via the hashtag #argylefineart2020 on social media.Thanks everyone! Every purchase matters more than you know!


NEW ARTIST ALERT!  RJ Ogemah....all we can say is WOW. This oil on canvas, measures 16" x 20" and is simply called "Gros Morne", $885 and is simply gorgeous!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Bask in the GLOW of new paintings by Isobel Hamilton

This Saturday we celebrated NEW acrylic paintings by Isobel Hamilton. Everyone who has seen these paintings so far in person, is astounded by their beauty, attention to detail and their life-like and almost glowing effects!

We encourage you to drop by the gallery this week and experience them for yourself. Give yourself an art break....we all need a little self care and art can be your escape from it all for just a few moments.
Artist Isobel Hamilton with her latest grouping of paintings called HOMESTEAD

We hope to see you at the gallery soon! Male a day trip out of it and visit other galleries and small shops downtown! Remember that for every $20 you spend at our gallery until September 10th, you will be entered to WIN a $100 Gift Certificate!  Thanks for supporting small business and our artists!

You can see the entire show online HERE, and we've added a few of them below for you to enjoy too. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time Flys when You're Having Fun! Celebrating 20 Years!

It seems like only yesterday that I saw an ad in the Chronicle Herald for a position at the gallery. I tired to locate the teensy little scrap of paper that I had ripped out and put in my purse close to 20 years ago so that I could photograph it for this blog, but alas it's lost to my cluttery "room of hell" that is otherwise known as our "spare room" for now. Anyway, I had been working in an office environment at the time in an industrial park, which basically describes my personal hell. Thankfully after much fluttering about, I caught the attention of the owner and he gave me a job.

The road has been bumpy right from the start if I'm being honest but I stayed with it as I do, and the pay off  eventually was that I was offered a dream of mine to come true: to own a small business. Oh my....I had so much to learn and I am still learning after all those years! Owning any type of small business takes courage and strength but an art gallery?!!  It's not for the faint of heart.

I will be forever grateful to Robert Russell for believing in me,supporting me, saving me and being such an absurd and wonderful mentor. I've also been lucky to have other mentors in my life, including Alma Houston of Houston North Gallery and then crossing paths with Sandra Winter, who were both inspiring women and bosses that would eventually become real confidants and friends. I miss them dearly. I've also been grateful for the kind and creative souls I have worked with over the years and all of the adventures we've gone on together. And of course, the constant support, patience and love of my partner in life, Joe. :-) I often wonder what my life would be like if I took a different path, but I can't imagine it without art. So here I am....I own an art gallery. It's been the most wonderful terrible uplifting exhausting fulfilling experience ever.

The gallery turned 20 years old the other day and I had plans to celebrate largely with our artists and community, but best laid plans and all that....2020 had other plans.We've had to pull up our socks even higher and work harder, while staying flexible, positive and creative!

But rest assured, we are still celebrating the BIG 2-0  and reminiscing for the rest of the year with various events, sales etc. So please send a note of something you have enjoyed about our gallery or a fun experience you remember. It would be great to add them to future blog posts and maybe by then I'll find some memorabilia to share!

Here's one of our first initiatives, where you can WIN $100 Gift Certificate! 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

New Artist Alert! Introducing Jack Ross!

We are delighted to have just received some stunning new paintings by Jack Ross. We've worked with Jack for just over a year now, featuring his works at group shows. Jack was very productive during this time of pandemic, and his studio was bursting at the seams. We are the happy recipients of many of these works and we can hardly wait for you to experience them too. Here are a few new paintings that are in the gallery now, but you can view his entire catalogue of works available HERE. 


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jack Ross is an artist and educator. A graduate of NSCAD University (BFA 2012); Jack has instructed courses in painting with NSCAD's School of Extended Studies and has worked as a curator and coordinator. Jack’s work stems from a keen interest the material qualities of paint as well as paintings history and trajectory into contemporary art. Observational study is often a key component in his practice and he especially enjoys painting plein air.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

POPsicles and Roses....

It's one of the warmest days so far this Summer here in Nova Scotia. Humidity is HIGH and so it's a great time to feature two new cool pop-art inspired looking paintings by emerging artist Anna Whalen. These are both painted with oil on cradleboard, and you'll notice that the complimentary colours she has added to the edges of each of the works really makes the paintings look as if they will practically jump off the wall...and into your arms! Each work measures 6" x 12" and are $285 each. SWEET!

We met Anna this year during our annual PRE-SHRUNK2020 show and have carried on working with her, even during the time we were closed. Now that we are opened to the public again, we are planning a solo show with Anna to happen to during NOCTURNE this year which will revolve around the themes of nostalgia  in her work.

Another artist we have really enjoyed working with lately is Raquel Roth. In fact she has a new acrylic painting coming to the gallery this week. You are all seeing it for the first time below. It's called “Celebration”, measures 20x20”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and sells for  $375. The colours and theme of this work  is all about  celebrating summer....a time to stop and smell the roses.

We have SO SO SO many new works of art and artists dropping by with art,  now that we have been open for just about a  month tomorrow. Time flys!

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the new additions, why now sign up for our newsletter!? 
SIGN UP's easy! If you sign up between now and August 6th, your name will be entered to WIN this beautiful grouping of cards by Raquel shown below.

We promise to never share your emails with others and only send one newsletter per week to showcase the new things arriving and exclusive sales etc. Drop by soon! We can't wait to see you again!

Friday, July 17, 2020

What's Happening This Weekend!

Drop by the Gallery tomorrow (Saturday) and get inspired! We've got lots of amazing art to discover this weekend...and if you haven't been by to see us since the Re-Opening in June, now is a good a time as any!    

As part of our weekend celebration we'll be accepting completed CREATIVE CANDLES tomorrow for the Raymond Taavel Park.  For those of you who want to drop by and decorate a Candle in person, we'll be providing a creative space outside the gallery with everything you need to get crafting! 

We'd like to thank JAMPY for making the candles, and the DowntownHalifax Business Commission for sponsoring the project. 

You can also deliver your finished candles to the Raymond Taavel Park between 5 - 6 pm on July 20th. A volunteer will be available on-site to receive and display the candles in the Park.

Creative Candles will be on display the following week and can be re-used year after year!

Here's a picture of Adriana being interviewed at Raymond Taavel Park earlier this week by CBC News. You can read the full article HERE.

We're also excited to bring you some amazing new watercolour paintings by Gallery Artist Michelle SaintOnge!

This "pop-up" exhibition will be on view all next week, so be sure to drop by the gallery to see these amazing works in person!  Featured here is; "Intercoastal waterway; Florida, Blue Beauty", 20" x 24", watercolour on paper mounted on board.

From out of town and can't make it down?  No problem!  You can also view the collection online on our Flickr Page HERE

The Summer days can be hot!  Quench that thirst with an ice cold beverage using one of these cool new mugs by Julian Covey! We've got a great selection of styles, and colours to choose from.  We'll even include a free Soda from Garrison with every purchase!

We'll also be promoting the new "Covid-19 Commandments" Poster by Kerry Hodgson. The poster features the collection of images from Kerry's popular "Thou Shalt..." Suite, which you may remember from our Pandemic Postcard Series.  

Last but not least, We're thrilled to announce the opening of Gordon MacDonald's solo  exhibition, on Thursday, July 23. We can't wait to see what Gordon has in store for us this year...images will be made available early next week so stay tuned!