FOODIE TUESDAYS at Argyle Fine Art 

If you love ART and FOOD, may we suggest you take yourself and friends (especially those visiting the city) out on a tour with Local Tasting Tours!  The price is just $40.00 plus tax and includes a tasting stop at our the gallery in addition to a number of other delicious spots along the way. 



Ancestra Obscura: Michelle St-Onge


SALT WATER : Katharine Burns


Yachts: Luke Naylor

Opening Receptions Friday,May 26th, 7pm-9pm

Show continues until June 7

Katharine Burns

Luke Naylor


 The 2nd Annual PUN OFF! 

Saturday, June 17, 2pm-3pm

Bring your best PUNS to the gallery for a PUN OFF and WIN a $100 Gift Certificate! Just in time for Father's Day too!  We'll have extra punny cards and other fun gift ideas for dad too!  How does a PUN OFF work? Well...basically we'll have a series of topis that participants will use and compette againt one another in pairs. The last person standing will win the grand prize. Call or Email to register today! We're limited to 20 participants. All ages welcomed!




Swell:Melissa Townsend


Surfacing: Abigail Lower

Opening Reception Friday,June 23rd, 7pm-9pm

Show continues until July 15

Saturday, June 24th, 2pm-4pm

FRAME POP-UP Event with Frames to Go!

Drop by and learn about framing your latest work of art and pick up some great frames at special prices!


Adjectives: Gordon MacDonald

Opening Reception Friday, July 21, 2017