It’s PRE-SHRUNK  time again! BE PART OF OUR PRE-SHRUNK 2024 SHOW! This coming year will mark the 20th year for PRE-SHRUNK! It’s amazing how such a small idea has become such a BIG show!


Our much loved annual juried group show asks artists to create small works on 4”x5” surfaces. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging artists in their preferred mediums and all ages of artists, so take a look at the guidelines below and start making some art! You can work in any medium you choose!


  • Works must be on a 4x5” surface. Pieces that do not measure 4x5” will not be considered. Preferred surfaces are cradled boards or canvas.
  • We do not want artists to use FLAT BOARDS (ie- pieces of wood with art painted or mounted), or thin canvas or masonite boards as they are not easily wall mountable for the buyer and tend not to sell as well as other surfaces in the show. NO FRAMES.
  • If you are sculpting the base of your sculpture must be 4x5”, but there is no height limit.
  • Artists may submit a maximum of 5 pieces.
  • We ask that you do NOT attach hanging devices (ie wire, hooks, d-rings, etc). The gallery will take care of this for continuity. SOME EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE can be made, but we will inform you if we want you to prep them. Otherwise leave as is!
  • If you are working on paper it must be archival and mounted on a sturdy 4x5” surface that can be hung on the wall or if you are a textile artist, get in touch with preferred ways of presenting your work for this show.
  • Works done with materials such as charcoal and pastels must be fixed (ie sprayed) to protect the work.
  • Submissions must be your own work, new and not previously shown.
  • To submit by email to
    • Phone number and email address
    • Titles of pieces and materials used to create the work
    • Images of each individual piece, in a jpeg format ONLY, titled as indicated below.
  • Please title your image files as follows
    • Last name, first initial, title of piece, number of submission
    • Ex: McGuireC_GreenRoom01.jpg, McGuireC_BlueRoom02.jpg, McGuireC_PinkRoom03.jpg, McGuireC_OrangeRoom04.jpg, McGuireC_RedRoom05.jpg
    • SEND A PHOTO OF ALL WORKS TOGETHER on a neutral background, so that we can see how they work with one another and the type of surface used etc.



If the jury selects your work you will be notified by phone or email the following week. You will then be required to bring the work in person or by mail. We will not be notifying anyone of their acceptance in the show prior to the submission deadline and the jury meeting. After the show ends, you are responsible for the return of your paintings but we’re going to work very hard to sell them!


  • Pieces that are selected for this year’s exhibition will be priced at $175 each, with standard 50% commission. Please keep this price in mind when creating your pieces.
  • DeSerres (1546 Barrington St, Halifax) and the NSCAD Art Supply Store (1874 Hollis St, Halifax) have pre-made 4x5” canvas and boards to supply artists wanting to participate in this show. DeSerres even has as special place in the store for the surfaces, so make sure to ask if you can’t find them! You can also make your own surfaces to paint on or find surfaces at other locations as well.
  • There is also another amazing local option to purchase surfaces from this year - you can order locally made birch panel surfaces from The Twisted Doorbell Studio . JUST LET US KNOW HOW MANY SURFACES YOU WANT AS WE WILL BE PLACING AN ORDER ON OCTOBER 27th(these panels are $8.40 each)


Please phone, email or drop in to the gallery if you have any questions regarding the submission process or show – 902.425.9456. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


From your pals at Argyle Fine Art,

Adriana & Emily

1559 Barrington St, Halifax , NS  902-425-9456






Argyle Fine Art is always interested in seeing new art from new artists! We're not exactly  sure what  we're looking for but we'll know it when we see it! So,perhaps you're the artist we've been looking for! If interested in submitting your work via a portfolio please follow the submission recommendations below:


A professional resume/CV
An artist statement
A CD with images, a LINK to your blog or site, or NO MORE THAN 5 images (Jpegs, 300 dpi max) 

Do Not Send Us The Physical Artwork or just SHOW UP with ARTWORK!
Please include information on each work: medium, size and date of completion
Reviews, catalogues, articles, history of sales if any.
SASE self addressed stamped envelope if mailing your submission. 

You can email submissions to:
Proposal of work to be exhibited - optional

Argyle Fine Art

Attention: Exhibitions Coordinator
1559 Barrington Street, Unit 102
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.

We will attempt to contact you in writing within one month of receiving your submission.