Friday, February 15, 2019

In Celebration of Maud: Happy Heritage Day

 This Monday, February 18th is a province-wide holiday known as Heritage day- a day to reflect upon and celebrate prominent people and events who have left a significant mark on the province's unique history. This year's Heritage Day honoree in Nova Scotia is folk artist Maud Lewis. 
Mini Maud Lewis made by Kim Danio- Repurposed Materials and Clay, Stands just 2.5" tall, $45

In celebration of Maud, one of our gallery artists, Kim Danio (known for her fun and whimsical works made of re-purposed shoes, boots, and purses) describes how Maud has inspired her artistic practice:

"I grew up spending summers in a small fishing village on the Bay of Fundy. It was a drastic difference from my life in Massachusetts. My summer memories are rich with colourful characters, milk deliveries, fishing weirs, and peaceful settings. It seemed everywhere you turned there were patchwork quilts drying on the line, painted driftwood art pieces on the roofs of outbuildings, someone whittling something in the corner of everyone’s kitchen.

I think that is one of the reasons I am so crazy about the art of Maud Lewis. The bright colours, tranquil scenes, adorable cats – her work is so inspiring to me and reminds me of something I remember from my childhood. When I began creating my shoe art pieces I drew from her use of simple maritime themes and bright colours and desired to create a folk arty feel in my work.

I absolutely adore her sweet painted home and must admit that I have attempted to create my own painted cottage in the Annapolis valley Nova Scotia, not too far from where she was born and lived."

Kim Danio's painted cottage, inspired by Maud Lewis, in Annapolis Valley, NS

 Hope you all have a great Heritage Day! Be sure to take some time to reflect upon some of the important people, places, and events that have inspired or influenced you in whatever place you call home.

You can meet Kim, and learn more about her work next Saturday, February 23rd, 1-3pm at the opening of our next show, "The Re-Purposers". This show will feature works by a number of artists who utilize reclaimed or recycled objects as materials for art-making. See you then! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Flower Power!

It's Valentine's Day Eve and it's a full fledged snowstorm here in Nova Scotia, so most of the province is covered in snow and ice. But never fear- art is here to the rescue with some flower power!
Below we've put together a few examples of some of the flower inspired artworks from our on-going PRE-SHRUNK show which you can view entirely online HERE.

Any of these would make wonderful Valentine Day gifts or just a gift to yourself for making it through the winter so far!


Vanessa Cornell, Joe Pye Weed, Digital Drawing Mounted on Panel with Acrylic Paint

Let's get started with these three gorgeous paintings by Debra Judge. These are a combination of alcohol inks and resin that are filled with colour and texture galore. Truly amazing in person and would brighten up any place needing some extra happiness.

We've noticed over the past year an increased interest in the art of embroidery, and we were delighted that this year's show was filled with so many different examples of this medium of painting with thread. The work of Lisa Hulbert is the perfect blend of something old and something new. Very swoon worthy!

Not all flowers have to be fancy to be beautiful. In fact some of the most common flowers like the daisy are just the perfect pick-me-up!  The lush oil painting of Emily Baron and the beautiful composition called  "In a  Moment" by Jessica Martin illustrate this so well. 

 Of course there are always some classics that are true stand-bys for Valentine's Day like Lilies- such as these masterfully painted ones by George Spencer.

 And one can't forget orchids...these flowers are really so magical and Carlos Carillo paints them with such delicate brush strokes and attention to detail with his watercolour on paper.

Of course, the favourite flower for Valentine's remains the rose, like this painting by Brad Sutton which will never wilt or die.  Art is forever afterall! 

However you celebrate Valentine's or your snow day, we hope it's a great one!  Make sure to visit the gallery soon, and on a today like to today, visit us virtually.

If you'd like to purchase any of the pieces available in the Pre-Shrunk show, remember they are TAX FREE today only and you can purchase by sending us an email at  We can even pack them especially for you to pick up tomorrow for Valentine's Day or ship out just as soon as the storm clears!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

We heART Valentine's Day!

Well we made it through January, one of the longest, coldest months of the year! We hope you've been keeping warm, and finding ways to embrace the season, whether that means curling up with a few good books, or hitting the snowy trails for a midwinter hike.

With February comes Valentines Day -a day that is celebrated by some, and dreaded some. While love and friendship should without a doubt be celebrated everyday of the year, it can be fun to have one day to break from the daily grind to reach out to a pal or lover just to say "hey, you're awesome!".

Card by the Assembly of Text

If you're someone who likes to celebrate valentine's day, we have a few little cute ideas to help you spread your cheer.

 Basil Doucette is the creator of these very sweet love birds. Basil is known for his whimsical and sometimes humorous folk-art that he hand carves and carefully paints by hand. We have a little menagerie of feathered friends that would be happy to find a new place to perch!

Basil is also known to create the most charming seasonally-appropriate ornaments. We've had wreathes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and now these: wooden valentines! We think these are a great valentine card alternative, and they are set to a wooden base so they can easily be displayed.

If you're looking for a tiny trinket to gift your pal (or to treat yourself), these domino pendants are a fun and unique choice!

If you're not-so-into Valentine's Day, fret not! We have something for you too. Love sucks. We've all said it at least once before (and if you haven't, well...congratulations..?) If you're sad and want no part of Valentine's day, wear one of these pins, and you'll likely find comfort in knowing you're not alone. Share your pins, and bond over your anti-Vaentine's day sentiments!

Brad Sutton, Rose, Oil on Board, 4" x 5"

We think this rose painting is a fantastic alternative to a real rose that will only last a few days. This one can light up any corner of a room forever.

Keep warm out there, and be sure to stop by soon to say hello! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Art of Mixing Media

As we mentioned in a previous post, the works in our annual Pre-Shrunk show are not limited exclusively to painting. Many artists in this show have incorporated a variety of different materials in order to explore a range of techniques. Working in mixed media can be challenging. Being able to combine different materials in a way that's harmonious and well-considered instead of looking like a hodge-poodge mess is difficult to achieve.

We wanted to highlight a few artists in our current Pre-Shrunk show who demonstrate the fine art of mixed media work.

We've been getting a lot of interest and questions about the work of Jen Worden. Jen's mixed media pieces combine old photographs with plaster, wax, and paint. The resulting pieces are so rich in texture, and full of complex layers that really enhance the intrigue of the old photos. She also carves into some of the material as a way to add lines and shapes to the compositions.

Jen Worden, Those Were the Days 01, Plaster, Acrylic, Wax

Jen Worden, Those Were the Days 02, Plaster, Acrylic, Wax

Jen Worden, Those Were the Days 03, Plaster, Acrylic, Wax

Damien Webb is a mixed media artist who is well-known for his charming and inventive miniatures (if you didn't see his show Teenseyland here at the gallery last September, you can take a peek HERE). He cuts and paints paper, cardboard, and sometimes reclaimed materials, to create teeny tiny objects and scenes that are such a delight.

Damien Webb, ROY'S, Paper and Acrylic

Damien Webb, Prime Time Cafe, Paper and Acrylic

Damien Webb, Motel 66, Paper and Acrylic

Jana Wicha is an artist with a background in printmaking whose works in this show are made using carving techniques that may be used in linocut or block printing. Jana carves her image into MDF, and then paints the carving itself rather than using it to make prints. Although these aren't typical "mixed media" pieces, we think Jana's method is an innovative alternative to painting on a flat surface. The resulting works are colorful, and have subtle dimension from the carving.

Jana Wicha, Old Milwaukee, MDF Carving With Oil & Acrylic Paint

Jana Wicha, Miller High Life, MDF Carving With Oil & Acrylic Paint

Kirsti Smith is an artist who has chosen to bring together her love of both painting and ceramics. She paints cheerful patterns to serve as backdrops to various domestic scenes, which she brings to life in three-dimensions with little ceramic objects.

Kirsti Smith, Momma's Room, Oil Paint and Ceramic

Kirsti Smith, Grandma's House, Oil Paint and Ceramic

Kirsti Smith, Olivia's Room, Oil Paint and Ceramic

Kimberley Eddy is an artist who creates stunning works with ink, resin, and sand, that transport us right to the ocean's edge. The vibrant colors, patterns, and textures she achieves by combining these materials is really mesmerizing. There's so much detail in each piece!

Kimberley Eddy, PS7, Ink, Resin, and Sand on Wood Panel

Kimberley Eddy, PS4, Ink, Resin, and Sand on Wood Panel

Kimberley Eddy, PS3, Ink, Resin, and Sand on Wood Panel

If you haven't made it down to the gallery yet to see the show, you still have  a bit of time! In the meantime, you can view all the works online HERE. We're trying our best to keep the album updated with what has sold...and as you can see, pieces are selling fast. Take a browse!:)

Friday, February 1, 2019

TRUTH: Scrolling Through Animal Paintings will Boost Mood

I think it would be hard to argue the power of looking at cute animal pics on the internet to turn a bad day around. know what's better than cute animal pics on the internet (though second best to the real thing)? Animal paintings -tiny, 4" x 5" animal paintings!

Today we're going to feature a cheerful collection of pieces from our Pre-Shrunk 2019 show that will put you in the mood for the weekend. From cuddly pups to rodents, to cute but crawly critters, here are some creatures to lift your spirits. TGIF from us to you. Enjoy! :)

Jessica Gay, Aubrey, Acrylic on Wood

Jessica Gay, 4" x 5",  Buster, Acrylic on Wood

Jessica Gay, 4" x 5".  Missy, Acrylic on Wood

Susan Gilson, Alice, 4" x 5", Oil on Canvas

Susan Gilson, Stormy, 4" x 5", Oil on Canvas

Dusan Postolovic, Randy, 4" x 5", Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper, Mounted

Dusan Postolovic, Gus, 4" x 5", Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper, Mounted

Jaime Lightle, Fox on Teal Love Seat, 4" x 5",  Acrylic on Panel

Bridgette Morissey, 4" x 5",  #2, Acrylic on Board
Bridgette Morissey, 4" x 5",  #1, Acrylic on Board
Sharon Cave, Jelly Bean, 4" x 5",  Oil on Wood Panel

Sharon Cave, Jelly Bean, 4" x 5",  Oil on Wood Panel
Becca Rowland, Space Bug 2, 4" x 5', Watercolor and Ink on Paper, Mounted
Danny Bilsborough, 4" x 5", Prowl, Acrylic on Wood Panel
Leslie Fraser, 4" x 5",  Red-tailed Hawk 8, Oil on Board
Susan Van Iderstine, 4" x 5", Crow Stepping Out Boldly, Acrylic on Panel

RJ Marchand, Plato, 4" x 5", Acrylic and Watercolour on Board

Hope your day got a tiny bit better after scrolling through all these awesome works! ;)

If you haven't made it down to the gallery yet to see the show, you still have a bit of time left! In the meantime, you can view all the works online HERE. Happy weekend everyone!