Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Near, On, and Under Water!

One of the best parts of living in Nova Scotia is the luxury of being close to water. Whether it's to the ocean, a lake, or tiny river, you don't have to drive very far in any direction to be able to reach some sort of body of water. 

Living near the water is a huge inspiration to many of our artists. In this year's Pre-Shrunk show, there are many works that feature water in various forms. In some pieces, water takes centre stage, while in others, it's a calming backdrop. Some artists even chose to focus on what lives underwater!

 Let's start with some works that place the viewer NEAR the water. Looking at these pieces are so reminiscent of going for a drive outside of the city center, perhaps to take a hike, or head to the beach for an afternoon! 

Barbara O'Neil, Rural Road Near Broad Cove, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Canvas

Lio Lo, Salt Marsh, Watercolor on Paper, Mounted

Kim Floyd, Cloudy Lawrencetown, Acrylic on Board

Becky Junkin, The Watershed, Acrylic on Canvas

When you live near the water, it's likely you'll also find yourself spending time ON the water. Whether you take out the canoe for a paddle, head out to sea to go fishing, or leisurely float around on a blow-up tube, being on the water can so much fun!

Natasha Grenke, Rainy Day on the River, Watercolor on Paper, Mounted

Lisette Dempsey, A Day at Sea, Acrylic on Panel

Deb Bromley, Pool Fun #3, Acrylic on Wood Panel

It's hard not to live near, and spend time on the water without thinking about what lives IN the water. The following artists chose to create works that feature underwater creatures (not all of which can be found in NS...at least we hope there aren't any hammer head sharks around here..!?)

Dusan Postolovic, Gus, 4" x 5", Colored Pencil on Watercolor Paper, Mounted

Briana Corr Scott, Perriwinkle #21, Oil on Wood Panel

Kerry Hodgson, Feeling Crabby, 4" x5", Acrylic on Wood Panel

Tori Contois, Hammer Head, Acrylic on Wood

If you haven't yet made it down to the gallery to see Pre-Shrunk 2019, there's still time! The show has been extended until February 26th. You can also view the entire show HERE.