Monday, December 20, 2010


This is the continuation of the HOLIDAY HIGHLIGHTS we have been featuring throughout the month. This  work is by ceramic artist Mary Jane Lundy. Many of you may not recognize this work as a piece by MJ as she is usually known for her whimsical fish shacks and Giant Birds.....This is a beautiful work that just arrived at the gallery just before our Christmas party only a little over a week ago....we hope you enjoy it. It is looking for a wonderful home for the holidays. Here is a bit of what Mary Jane had to say about the work:

Our Lady is an image I grew up with as a child, my brother had found her in the dump she was part of grotto of the Lady of Fatima water fountain.  The fountain broke but my mom kempt the Mary figure and I cast a mold from her.  The Mary image from the Sacred Sea, came from my grandmother the cast aways that nobody else wanted after she past away, I always felt she was there just waiting for me, again I made a mold of her.I tell people I'm a Mary collector I love the many images you can fine of her from tiny 2 inch plastic Mary one I have of her that would of stuck on a car dash, to the 20 inch Mary I have in my Kitchen that looks over us while we eat, to the 4 ft Mary I restored for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish St. Joseph in Shad Bay the church that I attend every Sunday.

I believe in prayer and especially the Rosary and the powers it holds in healing and aiding all who call on her to help.Some people call creating Marys the art form Kitchie because of its replicas you find, thus making it  I feel a collectors item.  I grew up as Catholic Christian, Mary has always been there but it wasn't until I was in my thirtys did I begin to truly connect with her.