Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View NINE! Gordon MacDonald

Many of you have been waiting for Gordon MacDonald's pre-shrunk's to be unveiled. 
His 4" x 5"'s on copper have long since been sought after, and this time is no different. 
Even in small scale, his work is beautiful, serene and timeless.

There was a rumor floating around about a rainbow appearing in one of his paintings,
and you'll either be glad or disappointed to hear that the rainbow did not make the cut. If I'm not mistaken, Gordon said "I tried, but it looked like I was about to paint a unicorn next, or maybe it needs leprechaun's..."

I hope you'll agree that Gordon's paintings are best when they're leprechaun free. 

Join us on January 28th from 7-9 for our annual Pre-Shrunk Show!
New location -1559 Barrington Street!