Friday, April 8, 2011

Barry Colpitts Saturday, April 9th

This Saturday, April 9th, is the day that Barry Colpitts returns to Argyle Fine Art for a special carving demonstration.  To lead into this exciting demonstration,  Barry stopped by the gallery to meet with Breakfast Television for an interview, and brought along a new flock of friendly carvings.  

Tomorrow, Barry will be working away on a large rabbit in our front window from 1-3:30, and may even bring a few more folk carvings for us to enjoy.  Stop by and watch him skilfully carve away at a block of wood with homemade tools in death defying techniques that will make you wince (we're shocked that he still has all ten digits...)  


Little Headed Woman

Singing Birds

Little Whale and His Friends


Good News Bad News
Rooster and Chick

Yellow Bird 

Barry, Working Away On Breakfast Television