Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome New Barrington Street Neighbors!

If you've been in the gallery over the last few weeks, you've likely noticed the earth shaking effect of jack hammers, the profane sound of construction workers, and the distinct smell of paint mixed with drywall dust.
Trust us when we say that it's for the greater good (it's what we've been repeating over and over in our heads) because WE'VE GOT NEW NEIGHBORS!

Infact, we have three new neighbors moving directly into our building, and lots of great 
businesses moving in and around Barrington street.

Trampoline will be above our heads
and on the right will be The North Face

 *thanks to Trampoline for use of their flickr construction snaps above.
They sure do make the process look purdy.

You'll finally be able to enjoy freshly baked pies while viewing original artwork, then purchase a new pair of running shoes to eleviate your dessert guilt ... all in one building!

We also want to welcome Inkwell, Modern Handmade Boutique and Letterpress Studio! They just moved onto Market Street, and are yet another reason why our downtown has an extra spring in it's step these days.