Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kevin Roach - Doll Shoes and Vacuumes, and Organs... Oh My!

We were absolutely delighted while unwrapping these treasures - Kevin Roach has just graced our gallery with a new collection of work and we can't wait to show you. Assembled from vintage household parts and objects,  re-purposed as a series of nautical inspired sculptures. Each piece is perfectly framed in an old drawer or box so that it can hang nicely on the wall, or sit upright on a mantel. 

The longer you spend with each piece, the more familiar the individual parts become. 
Is that an old toothbrush holder filled with picture buttons? Well of course it is!



It's next to impossible to capture exactly how incredible these works are through photograph. 
Kevin's collection of curiosities inspire nostalgia in the best possible way...
Have a walk past our front window and have a look for yourselves!