Wednesday, January 25, 2012

THE LAST SNEAK PEEK until the SHOW! Pre-Shrunk Sneak Peek #15: Isabelle Pineau

Hello people and welcome to the last sneak peek until Friday night, when we celebrate all 200 works that have been submitted for the wonderful "Pre-Shrunk" show. Again, we'd like to offer a very special thanks to all the participating artists for making this a special event!

Make sure to check out ALL of the works at after the show has opened. Each work is priced at $175 and measure just 4" x 5" .

Today's sneak peek comes from artist Isabelle Pineau who we met last year through the Pre-Shrunk show. Many of you may know Isabelle, as she works at DeSerres across from the gallery and often pops by the gallery for a quick hello or inspiration. Isabelle has created three works for the show. The works are made up of carefully cut and painted paper  by Isabelle on canvas.. Her work has a childlike magic about them which we adore.

"Little Seaside Dreams" by Isabelle Pineau  4" x 5" Mixed Media