Monday, September 10, 2012

BEEP BOOP BEEP: Artist Ed Beals has done it again!

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you! Whenever you are reading this, we hope that you are snuggled away at home, or if you're at work, that a warm beverage is helping you get through this dark and dreary day here in Atlantic Canada. Seems we are experiencing a bit of the Hurricane Leslie..drip drip drip.

SO......we thought some sneak peeks into the upcoming show by Ed Beals and Nick Brunt would cheer you up!  Ed and Nick are working hard to transform our gallery into the "Retro Robots, Rockets and Rayguns Shoppe" for the night of Nocturne (happening this year, on Saturday, Oct.13th).

Here are a few examples of the most recent samplings of found objects by Ed Beals!  Aren't they amazing!

We hope to have some sneak peeks at Nick's work soon too...until then, have a great day and stay dry!

beeeeppp  beeeepppppppppp....