Friday, October 19, 2012

Remember that thing that happened called NOCTURNE?!?!!

It's almost been a week now since Nocturne, and we're still coasting on the electricity felt that evening. We cant give you a real head count, but from our estimation, we figure that we easily had over 3000 visitors stroll through the gallery between 6pm and 12am.

 HA! my one and only shot of the night. Blurry, but accurate. 

To quickly recap, let me tell you that we had a number of exhibitions on show that evening: On the main level was Nick Brunt and Ed Beal's super fun "Retro Robots, Rockets and Rayguns", while the lower level had a serene group show titled "Skies the Limit". Oh, let's not forget the work aboard the HMCS Sackville too! So many incredible pieces..

All three shows were a real pleasure to present to the art hungry crowds last Saturday. We're happy to say that all these works can STILL BE SEEN here at the gallery!! Swing by and say hello - we're open YEAR ROUND, and always have spectacular local works on display.

A trillion thanks to the organizers of Nocturne this year, for pulling this mega festival together once again. How wonderful it is to remind everyone that Art can be FUN, transformative, AND INCLUSIVE!!!