Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TIMERAISER: A great way for ARTISTS, COLLECTORS and NOT-FOR PROFITS to work Together!

The first time I heard about TIMERAISER, I thought it was just the greatest idea ever. What is Timeraiser you may ask?

Timeraiser  may just become your favourite silent art auction with a twist! This year will be it's second year in Halifax, returning on October 10th! Timeraiser raises volunteer hours by auctioning off local art for volunteer hours instead of money.

HOW IT WORKS? Artists submit artwork which goes through a jury process. The selected works are then purchased from the artist, then displayed at the Timeraiser art auction night, and you , the art lover, can buy art without using money but volunteer hours. At the reception, not only do you get to select from a wide array of styles of art, but you can learn about the not-for-profit groups that are in need of your help throughout the year, in our community.

Now isn't that great! Everyone WINS! The artist gets paid, local groups find the extra help they need from volunteers and YOU, the purchaser can acquire art without any $$$ exchanging and the great feeling to support local artists and groups in need, not to mention this wonderful idea!.

Watch the very short video that explains it ALL here:

PS- ARTISTS....deadline is September 2nd and it's easy to submit, so what are you waiting for!