Saturday, September 7, 2013

HEY STUDENTS!!! (or anyone for that matter..) How are those walls looking? Hmm?

I'm sure you've all found your basics for apartment living by now...Mattress? check. "Homework" table? check. Sturdy sofa with moderately clean cushions? Cheeeck. Fish and Bowl? Double check. Original artwork by local artists? .....    *crickets*
To be fair, that's not always true ;) We've had tons of you young folks visiting us at the gallery on a regular basis, and we're so delighted to see your enthusiasm for original artwork. And to make it even easier to participate in collecting great, life long treasures, we have a 15% off  SALE ON ALL PRINTS AND JEWELLERY!! And to be clear, we're not talking about posters here. These are all hand made forms of print making, created by a fantastic collection of local artists. The Jewellery is incredible too. Come see!!
(Sale applies to all prints and jewellery. Sale ends on September 14th)