Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Artful Gifts for DAD!

We have SO many neat things in store, perfect for all the cool Dads out there: From fantastic, locally made greeting cards, to art pieces that would make him the envy of any art collector. Take a browse through some of our hand picked choices for Father's day... which is JUNE 15th if you weren't keeping track :) 

(above - cards by the regional assembly of text!)

Cufflinks by Lisa Scrivner

Money Clip by Lisa Scrivner
Robo Moth by Ed Beals! *click on the image to see the antennae go boy-yoy-yoy-iing!!*

Key Beatle by Ed Beals - Hangs on the wall, too!
Dave LeRue
Dave LeRue
Dave LeRue
                                             Below: Messenger Dog Series by Ed Beals!

(Above: Father's day cards by Jodie Hansen!)