Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's TIME to speak UP about ART: Save The Khyber!

Tonight I'm going to a city meeting and adding my signature to the growing lists, in an effort to save The Khyber from being declared as surplus or sold to developers.  The public meeting is held at the Halifax North Branch Library beginning at 7pm. Drop by and leave your signature- stand up for ART! You can also sign the ONLINE petition HERE if you can't attend in person.

Halifax is facing many economic challenges, not the least being with it's art spaces and art institutions at all levels. As a gallery owner, I face my own woes and know first hand that the arts and culture sector is one of the most vibrant  and greatest assets in Halifax, but also one of the  most under appreciated and  misunderstood sectors by many city officials and business persons.

The Khyber Art Centre is facing the possibility of having to move permanently from it's downtown building.  As with all issues, there many sides to the story, but in my opinion,  I feel it's very important for the community at large to stand behind this building continuing as The Khyber and support the arts!

No question- the place needs lots of work; years of neglect largely being the responsibility of the City of Halifax, has certainly created some financial dilemmas, but it's important to consider the future and The Khyber needs to in that future, as it's a very important and historic part of our downtown art community.

The chance to make this a positive, happy ending is in the hands of the public.Lend The Khyber your signature, your voices, your letters...COME ON HALIFAX! Do the right thing!
If you'd like to read more about The Khyber, go HERE where you can read a series of reports on the continuing saga of this beloved building.

The Khyber by Shelley Mitchell