Thursday, July 23, 2015


Things are Getting Weird!

Local Artists Celebrate musician Weird Al’s Arrival in Halifax with Marionettes of the man through the Ages

Opening Reception 2:30 – 5:30pm, Friday, July 24th

Weird Al is coming to Halifax so we thought it only fitting to showcase a series of hand-carved and painted marionettes by Darren and Julie Moreash in honour of his arrival between July 22nd and July 30th. These works are sure to tickle your funny bone and remind you that it's important to play and laugh everyday! The opening reception will be held on FRIDAY, July 24th, 2:30-5:30pm, as a lead up to the second concert that Weird Al will perform in Halifax. We want to invite EVERYONE to drop by for some fun.

These unique works have been created based on popular Weird Al music video persona's that Al has portrayed in the past. BEAT IT! EAT IT! LIKE A SURGEON and more! Expect polka and fun and lots of candy too- so bring yourself and your family downtown and party like it's 1984 ish...and beyond! DON'T MISS THE 45 seconds Marionette shows planned to happen on the hour on the hours of  3pm,4pm and 5pm! A small stage was created to facilitate the marionettes in all their glory. LIVE MUSIC will be provided by Mike Diabo of the Urban Surf Kings fame... via the next best instrument other than the accordion...the UKE!

 Artist Darren Moreash had this to say about the works:
 I've been a Weird Al fan for a long time. From the first time I heard " I love Rocky Road” in the early 80's I was hooked. Since I make marionettes of rock musicians and have had them called "Weird " by a lot of people, doing a bunch of Weird Al ones was a no brainer and this show at the Argyle gives me the opportunity." 
 Some Quotes a few  famous people have shared about receiving a marionette from Darren and Julie:

 “I've never played with myself in public before!" -Rick Derringer
"They REALLY are AMAZING!" - Gene Simmons of KISS
"I can chase my cats with it!" - John Cleese