Friday, August 14, 2015


Recent visitors to the gallery will know that outstanding local potter, Toni Losey, is on prominent display at the gallery. Everyone who stops in seems to be as impressed and excited as we are - Toni's work will stop you in your tracks, and have you lean in for a closer look. Serene, lively, and beautifully composed, this collection is Toni's first in depth series of "peepers" (adorable bud vases!) delicately balanced on porcelain pillows and Nova Scotian beach stones. You can't help but smile at the simplicity of these finished pieces, and marvel at how darn impressive her technique is. And if you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the little peepers sounding off like miniature horns... or maybe that's just me? (don't call the Dr. just yet.)

Take a peek at some of the peepers by clicking HERE, and make sure you stop in soon, to have a gander for yourselves. As you might have guessed, these pieces are tough to capture via photo. You need to walk around them to experience (and hear?) the full effect!!