Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Art inspired by Pop Culture: Back to the Future Day Success

To quote Marty McFly; a main character from the "Back to the Future" movie  trilogies- "That was heavy"- meaning that was unbelievable and amazing!  Yesterday was October 21st, 2015 otherwise known as Back to the Future Day and we had a wonderful day with artwork created by local artists inspired by the movie to celebrate it's 30th anniversary annnnnnnnnnnnd we also had a Delorean that just so happened to look like the famous Time Travel Machine that travels through decades in the 1980's classic. What a happy day it was...people that had never been in our gallery dropped in. Everyone had smiles on their faces and for even just a few moments, art took them on a journey away from their daily routines.

You can see the entire show online here... SHOW ONLINE HERE!
Of course we encourage you to come and see the show in person too! Many of the works represented online are available as prints or originals too!

Here are some of our favourite pictures from yesterday, that really sum up the over all moods of the day.

Here's to the FUTURE!  Things are looking brighter and brighter each day!

photo contributed by rich aucoin
Original hand-lettered work by Kristen De Palma
The Delorean arrived just before lunch...already started to draw a crowd...everyone was just so excited!!!

Surprise visitors from the FUTURE!  Marty McFly and Doc!
Mini Marty McFly with his Time Machine made by artist Kim Danio...from a sneaker!
All ages came out to enjoy the day and even dressed the part!
Ray guns of the...Future?
Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday, to ALL the media that visited too (we were on The National News folks!), to Trevor MacDonald (the owner of the beautiful Time Machine), to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and to all the artists....thanks for always helping us make Halifax a more fun and happy place to live and work....and of course, play!