Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meet "Della"- New Textile works by Pat Winans

We just received additional works from the on-going series "Della says..." by artist Pat Winans. We are over the moon for these pieces...each of them depicting Della from her daughter's perceptive.

The works really do speak for themselves!  But first, let us introduce you to Della!

Della was born in 1912 and Pat describes her as a "goose" nanny, war plant worker, professional chauffeur, expert seamstress, artist, artisan, story teller and my mother- whose uncanny wit is the inspiration for my art."

The photo was taken in the barn yard of the farm where she grew up. In the summertime, it was her job to keep track of the geese and keep them in the yard
Della says..."love those skinny blue jeans"

Della says..."when life gets tough, disappear with camo"

Della says..."being loved is a ride in someone's little red wagon"
Della says..."bikinis aren't for sissies"

Della says..." happiness is dancing naked in the rain"

Della says....purple is the new black