Saturday, April 15, 2017

SPRING STUDIO SATURDAYS Edition: Dorothyanne Brown

It's that time of year again, when we head into the studios of our artists, in order to give you an idea of what each artist's studios and processes are like. Each artist works differently and require more or less space, depending on their choice of medium.  Most artists living in Nova Scotia have their studios in their homes. Either a spare room is converted to a studio or sometimes just the kitchen table will suffice; wherever creativity strikes for others!

Today we're taking you into the studio of needle felt artist Dorothyanne Brown. If you've been to the gallery you may be familiar with Dorothyanne's wonderful felted animals that exude personality and humour, much like the artist.

The GMO Chicks - Moxie, Maxine, Mo & Fishie, just one of Dorothyanne's fabulous creations.

Here's a little peek into Dorothyanne's studio where her amazing creations are born...

Dorothyanne's workspace.

Dorothyanne began needle felting in 2014 and as she says her "needles have rarely been still since".

Some of Dorothyanne's yarn stash.

Dorothyanne's magical sculptures are formed over a wire armature and are made of 100% natural fibres from sheep, goats, llamas, and rabbits. Most are created using a single needle-felting needle; pelts are hand blended. Each is created individually and none are quite the same.

Ferdinand the Bull

Stan and Vera

Pop in today to see what critters she has visiting the gallery, and thank you Dorothyanne for letting us into your studio!