Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Guiding Light

Nova Scotia is well known for it's lighthouses, and considering there are over 150 (whoa!) in the province, it makes sense. While we haven't forgotten...

Postcard by Jodie Hansen

And that...

Postcard by Jodie Hansen

And obviously that...

Postcard by Jodie Hansen is still reasonable to say that lighthouses remain a huge part of our cultural heritage in this province, and because of that they can serve as inspiration for artists working in a variety of mediums. Artist Michelle St Onge recently brought in this lovely Peggy's Cove inspired lighthouse during a storm.

Michelle St Onge, Lighthouse, 6"x6", Watercolour on Board

Artist Kim Danio, the master of re-purposing footwear, created this George's Island lighthouse out of a boot!

Kim Danio, Lighthouse, Reclaimed Boot

Damien Webb, miniature superstar, also was inspired by our lighthouses in his work. Here are two of his lighthouse pieces in Mason jars, one of which is only accessible by helicopter!

Damien Webb, Rocky Landing, Miniature in a Mason Jar
Damien Webb, The Lonely Point Lighthouse, Miniature in a Mason Jar

Artist David P Stephens takes a fun and more folk-y approach to lighthouses and maritime culture in this great piece, I Love Fish!

David P Stephens, I Love Fish!, 8"x10", Acrylic on Board

So yes, Nova Scotia is more than just lighthouses (and lobsters, and boats...) - but we're pretty lucky to have so many wonderful cultural icons around the province. On your roadtrip around Nova Scotia this summer don't forget to make a pit-stop at the gallery to see our lighthouses! Cheers!