Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"The Bare Elements" Landscapes: New work by Mark Brennan

Who doesn't love a spontaneous show? How about one that's two years in the making? Well we're happy to oblige with "The Bare Elements", a new body of work by artist Mark Brennan.

Mark Brennan's new 36"x48" works.

Brennan has been busy working away on this new body of work, which features several large works, including this stunning piece below:

Mark Brennan, The Channel, Stove Pipe Run, 36"x48", Oil on Board

Brennan has developed this new body of work as an opportunity to work larger scale and to find new ways to play and experiment in his work. The results are spectacular.

Mark Brennan, Bog Edge, 20"x24", Oil on Canvas

You'll get to see work from Brennan in this show you may not expect, like this figurative piece below:

Mark Brennan, Lake Crossing, Dayspring Lake, 36"x36", Oil on Canvas

Be sure to stop in and see these beauties, "The Bare Elements" runs until Sept 9th, but we have a feeling a lot of these pieces will be taking off before then. You can see the whole show online by clicking HERE.

Okay one more peek...

Two of Mark Brennan's new works. Come see!