Tuesday, November 7, 2017

There's No Place Like Home....for Art

Just as the title of this blog post implies, we wanted to talk about the importance of including art into your homes- there's no place quite like it!! Ask anyone that has started to purchase a few works of art and they will tell you there's no turning back to reproductions and mass produced art. This painting by Jennifer Harrison is filled with texture-something hard to replicate in print and better enjoyed as an original.

We've met some great new collectors lately and we're so excited for each and every one of them! Throughout the entry here, we are sharing a few images that have been shared with us from recent buyers of art...maybe your home is featured. Take a peek! If not, we'll be doing another post later in the year too, and we'd  love to receive images of art in your spaces.

You may be surprised to learn just how much art can transform a space, and have a positive effect on the environments of people who own it and get to enjoy it! Even though we work at the gallery and can see how new art even transforms our space each month with new exhibits, it still is a magical wonder- just like this Magic Baking Powder painting by Kim Floyd did for this kitchen. What a great place to start the morning!

 Original art enriches your life!  It can even provide a de-stressing effect and serve multiple purposes, while still beautifying your space. These recent purchases and installs of paintings shown below by Katharine Burns really bring the beauty of the ocean inside. So relaxing yet filled with energy! You can almost hear the waves...

Buying original art by local artists is a great way to support the artists, our small business and the cultural economy too and it's environmentally-friendly! No batteries or oil or upgrades needed any time soon, although you can also add a new work or two! Point is, it's not something you will use for a year and throw away only to head to the landfill. You can potentially have it forever to enjoy or pass on to others to enjoy! Love this Angela Carlsen work in this space-it's as if it was made for this home!

The art you choose will reflect your own individual personality too, and owning an original work that no one else has in the world is pretty great. Uniqueness and hand-made is better than mass-produced any day of the week!Some art may appear more modern in the gallery, but when merged with antiques it can become just as timeless and so uplifting -like this recent new homing of a painting by Caitlin McGuire!

Quality over quantity is what many of our clients see a value in. With many of our artists living just steps away from the gallery, there is always an opportunity to meet our artists and learn more about them as people too. You can even learn how to create from some of them- we have some great workshop offerings coming up soon!  This year, consider making art part of your life! There's still time, plus original art makes wonderful gift ideas. Some of our artists are even more than happy to create works especially for you, like the commissioned painting by Andy MacDonald featured below.

In short, skies the limit on what art can do for you! Try some ART out today!  We offer payment plans to make it even easier, as well as gift certificates, hanging services and more.

Art is for everyone and we have something for everyone here at the gallery. Bring yourself, your family and friends, yes, even your children or  your dogs...we welcome all to come inside anytime. Just start looking!It all starts with really seeing....so see you soon!