Tuesday, January 30, 2018

These Bookmarks just got PERSONAL!

Many visitors to our gallery have enjoyed the art of Jodie Hansen! Her art usually makes us laugh or groan- depending on how you feel about puns as she illustrates many of our popular cards at the gallery. Often they revolve around famous characters from past and recent popular culture, like this beauty shown below just in time for Valentine's Day from the Golden Girls:

Or this card celebrating the latest Netflix show of Stranger Things....also perfect for Valentine's day.

But what we're REALLY EXCITED ABOUT NOW is.....she's making personalized custom illustrated bookmarks!  We received ours as a special gift just before Christmas from Jodie. Look...here's Caitlin and Adriana as bookmarks....! They are amazing!!!

So we asked Jodie what she thought about the idea of illustrating some for our customers and she said YES!!  So we are just beginning to tell people about this unique gift idea and there is a limit to the amount she can draw so get in touch soon!

MAKING IT PERSONAL one bookmark at a time!

 Jodie will draw you or your subject (friend, spouse, kids etc) for just $45 (as shown in samples) and then you'll have an original artwork by Jodie in the form of the most unique bookmark ever!  Pair that up with a book for a gift to a special someone, and you're be golden!

Here's the info sheet Jodie gave us to share with you about how to begin your order below but to ORDER YOURS today, simply drop by the gallery in person or go over to our page on our blog   called "Be My Bookmark" to fill out a form and find out details on additional pricing options and more!  You can also simply CLICK HERE