Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Tiny Works, Big Love!

Pre-Shrunk 2019 opened last Friday, and we can confidently say, wow, what a show! With 393 works on display, this show offers something for everyone, and is truly a showcase of the broad range of talent that exists not just here within our city, but also within our country (we have a few artists from outside of NS).

Among the 393 works, we noticed some recurring and favorite themes. Many artists created works about their surroundings, urban and rural; many highlighted the beauty in nature; some were an ode to the cutest critters, both domestic and wild. There's such a variety.

In today's post, we thought we'd highlight some pieces that focus right here, right now, on the city we live in: Halifax. If you're reading this, you survived January (even if it wasn't fully painless), and give yourself an extra pat on the back if you have gotten this far through a Maritime winter. We have so much love for Halifax, but the winters sure can be tough.

Here are a few pieces to remind you of what life looks like here in the summer (four more months-ish...has anyone else started a summer countdown?)

Wenxiu Ji, Sunday Afternoon, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas

Wenxiu Ji, 4" x 5", Blue Corner, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas

We think Yoko White is brilliant with her "tropical" takeover over of Halifax scenes. Imagine Barrington St. or Government House being taken over by colorful blooms, or St. Paul's Anglican Church boasting palm trees at its entrance?!

Yoko White, 4" x 5", Barrington St., Caligraphy Ink, Embroidery Floss on Cotton

Yoko White, 4" x 5", Government House, Caligraphy Ink, Embroidery Floss on Cotton

Yoko White, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Caligraphy Ink, Embroidery Floss on Cotton

We love how a few artists created such nostalgia for the mundane, everyday scenes of life in Halifax, from colorful neighborhood intersections, to small neighborhood shops. Many pieces feel like snapshots from a commute to or from work.

Lindsay Hicks, 4' x 5', The Inner Light, Oil on Wood Panel

Lindsay Hicks, 4" x 5", Before the Dawn, Oil on Wood Panel

Dominic Lajeunesse, North & Agricola, Oil on Wood

Jan Davison, 4" x 5",  LF Bakery, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Catherine Bagnell Styles, South Park, Acrylic and Ink on Paper, Mounted

If you haven't made it down to the gallery yet to see the show, you still have a couple weeks left! In the meantime, you can view all the works online HERE. We're trying our best to keep the album updated with what has sold...and as you can see, pieces are selling fast. Take a browse!:)