Saturday, November 30, 2019

Michelle SaintOnge Delights with New Original Watercolours...

Just in time for the Holidays!...

We're proud present these amazing miniature paintings by gallery artist Michelle SaintOnge.  These delightful little gems make great gifts, and are perfect for both art collectors and animal lovers alike!  

These original watercolours on paper have been mounted to wood cradled panels, making them easy to hang, or display on a shelf!  Each unique painting is sold separately, but can also be combined as groupings to add a decorative element to a space for your home or office.

Michelle SaintOnge, (Left)"If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood, He Would Be A Beaver",
(Right) "Ms. Bathy Polypus" , watercolour on paper on board, 5" x 5" 

Each painting depicts a different animal with its own witty title.  To quote The Bard "What's in a name?" certainly plays to the "Woodchucks" sensibilities.  Michelle's "If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood, He Would Be A Beaver" is an unfortunate case of nomenclature gone awry.  If the Woodchuck could chuck wood, would he? 

Michelle SaintOnge, (Left) "Salt Marsh FisherKing",
(Right) "Woooooo, is the sound you will hear", watercolour on paper mounted on board, 5" x 5"

"Woooooo, is the sound you will hear" is a reference to the local seal population on Sable Island.  Michelle recently took a trip out as part of an Eco-tour, and noticed the way the Seals responded to the waves crashing over them...Wooooooooooo! (SPOILERS; It's the sound you'll here).  

Michelle SaintOnge, (Left) Woody Struttin' Stuff, 
(Right) Sully McCrankypants, watercolour on paper on board, 5" x 5"

"Sully McCrankypants" was inspired by the recent unprovoked attack by the Geese of Sullivan's Pond on an unsuspecting Dartmouth resident.  It is unclear whether Sully acted alone, or whether the attack was pre-meditated...the usual suspects have since been rounded up and relocated to their winter home...

Michelle SaintOnge, (Left) Come From Away,
(Right) "Good Ol' Gramps", watercolour on paper on board, 5" x 5"

There's lots of great stories attached to each artwork...and lots of new ones to be made when you purchase art.  Buying and gifting art is a great way to connect with other people. Consider giving Art as gifts this Holiday Season!

“As a self-named artist and animal advocate, the majority of my artwork involves animals and the natural world. After 15 years as a screenprint artist I switched gears to watercolour as a medium. Watercolour, being very technical and very unforgiving, provides an exhilarating experience for the both the artist and the viewer. There is no opportunity to redo or undo once the brush hits the paper. In that regard her paintings attempt to capture both the subject and the energy of the intention.” - Michelle SaintOnge, 2019

Artwork by Michelle SaintOnge are available for purchase from Argyle Fine Art.  For details please contact the gallery at (902) 425-9456
or via email;