Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We'll get by with a little help from our Friends....

Hi everyone! How are you doing? It's not easy for a lot of us right now. My moods range from extreme lows to extreme highs throughout the day. "It's probably like the various stages of grief", I thought, and then I came across this article and I was like, YES!  THAT! That's what's thank goodness there's art in my life and yours too!Although art is also a source of stress for me personally, as I wonder whether my little gallery can weather this massive storm, I carry on as best I can.

I wash my hands. I keep my distance. I reach out to others. I go to work two days a week to just get out of the house and my head. The rest of the time I'm inside trying to keep busy and keep working with lots of boozy coffee breaks. I'm doing the best that I can.

It's times like these that I am thankful for the community that we have all built upon, especially the art and culture sector. As we all know, we will all take some hard hits. But we're going to be ok...we've been training for this! Working in the arts isn't easy any of the time. Thanks to all the artists, friends ( our customers because you ARE our friends) that have reached out and helped when they can either with sharing on social media, making art, purchasing items online like our NEW electronic GIFT CARDS which you can gift...THANK YOU! Every little bit of support helps.

ANYWAY....ramble ramble....(get a journal already, right?!  :-), we have come up with some ideas to help us all get through this. Rest assured, some of these will work, some of them won't  and that's ok. We'll just come up with more!

In addition to more online shows, sales, workshops and interactive events (working on those now) we are pleased to present you with a few things you can participate in RIGHT NOW- we are ALL artists, afterall!


An idea that came via artist Anna Whalen, is the art smile project where we encourage you and anyone you know that is keen and making art, to use the theme of art that can bring a smile to someone as a prompt when creating from time to time.

Then share these images on all of your social media platforms, tag the gallery (@argylefineart *twitter, @argyle_fine_art * Instagram, @argylefineart FAN PAGE on *Facebook)  so we can see what you're making and re-share too! USE hashtags:  #artsmilehfx,  #argylefineart , #supportlocalart . 

You may think "how can this possibly help right now", or " I can't be creative right now, I'm too stressed", but we believe it can help others and your mental health too! Try it! It doesn't have to be every day- just when you make something that you think can help others be happier. You'll make someone's day and maybe your own in the process.

This can literally but whatever you think will make others smile or you love. THE IDEA BEHIND THIS IS TO FLOOD OUR SOCIAL MEDIA with more positive images and messages right now. If you are not on social media, but still want to participate, simple email us your images and we'll put them on our social media channels. 

Here's an Kerry Hodgson....there will be more "new" commandments coming soon to tickle your funny bone!

ARTMAIL FOR SHUT-INSThis is a snail mail project organized by Argyle Fine Art, where we are inviting artists to do doodles or sketches on paper that can fit inside a regular business sized envelope or envelope you would get a birthday card in (5" x 7") . They can be various mediums as well, as long as we can fit in an envelope and not too heavy. Keep it simple! 

We will  pay you $10 from each art mail we send out of yours. This will also act as an ongoing ONLINE show, since everytime we receive one from you it will be uploaded online and ready to be selected and sent out. Customers will pay $20 plus postage, and can either choose from the selection we have received or choose the option SURPRISE ME! So grab your paper and pens, paint etc...and get arting! THIS PROJECT IS STARTING NOW AND ONGOING UNTIL mid-May...

Send your works to us via snail mail  to 6302 Young Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1Z8, or drop in the mailbox on the porch of this address. INCLUDE YOUR NAME, RETURN ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS, as well as any info about the works you'd like (medium, inspiration etc) If you can email us ( ) when you have sent art. Please send images of what you sent to us, that would be super helpful -and allow us to share with people asap as well as keep a look out for them in the postbox.

Here's ONE example on it's way to us already from artist Deb Bromley!