Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Discover the MYSTERY of ART

A few Saturday's ago it was a dark and stormy night....and NOCTURNE happened despite the pandemic and challenging weather. Brave folks darted in and out of galleries and spaces, between raindrops in the name of art. Although this was a very different Nocturne experience for us this year, we were grateful to be able to host anything at all with Covid-19 hanging around and want to THANK YOU for supporting us. 

We hosted two fabulous shows by Anne Marie MacEachen and Anna Whalen inside the gallery and an interactive outside exhibit called the SCENE OF THE CRIME with the help of a local theatre company and local businesses too. You can still enjoy these beautiful, playful and mysterious shows at our gallery in person or online anytime. 

Artist Anne Marie MacEachen's paintings are filled magic and mystery in her show called Illuminations. See the FULL SHOW HERE.

Overpass, Acrylc on Board, 24" x 24", Anne Marie MacEachen
Overpass, Acrylic on Board, 24" x 24", Anne Marie MacEachen

 Artist Anna Whalen has been taking viewers on a tour of memory lane and nostalgia with her paintings.Each are accompanied with a QR code that Anna carefully crafted to take you to specific videos on YouTube that were the inspiration for her specific works or give you a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of popular culture, advertisements and the influence of media on our daily lives through the ages. 

To give you an example, here's a painting that we love of a TV Dinner by Anna....which by the way, is painted as if it were life sized...and when you scan the QR Code for this painting you end up HERE. 

The age of fast food and convenience....dating way back to the 1940s. You can still to this very day, purchase a tv dinner just like this one.  Are you hungry yet?   SEE THE FULL SHOW HERE.

The SCENE OF THE CRIME show is a group show inspired by the popular board game CLUE. Artists were asked to create works with that in mind and the results were marvelous!

 Then during NOCTURNE night, participants explored Barrington Street in search of clues from each of the paintings that had been displayed in local businesses windows. If all the clues were answered correctly, the answer to WHO DUNNIT was revealed. In case you DID this that evening or later the next day, the final answer to the CLUE SHOW was: Miss Scarlett was the murderer, in the Kitchen with a Candlestick. Congratulations to all that got that correct and the winner of our prize too!

 YOU CAN SEE THIS SHOW ONLINE HERE, but later this week we'll create an online mystery with these paintings, so that whether you are near or far, you can still enjoy the mysteries of art. 

Scene of the Crime painting "I'm Often Following you..", 15" x 30, Acrylic on Canvas by Adrien Smith

During the night of NOCTURNE, The Villain's Theatre acted out a "silent play" that was visible through the gallery windows to get our detectives inspired. It is a playful scenario of Colonel Mustard trying to solve a murder; painting out his theories with mustard, of course- while the culprits sneak around behind him trying not to be caught. Take a peek below OR CLICK HERE.