Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Have Yourself a Merry Sci-Fi Christmas.....

The holiday season is upon us now and although it's going to be a different one this year for most of the world, due to COVID-19, you can still treat yourself  and those you love to original artwork that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

Are you a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan? There always seems to be a divide between the two groups in sci-fi land, but can't we just all get along?  Of  course we can!


This painting by Anna Whalen could be just what you have been looking for! We also have a shiny new ray gun that has just arrived, made from repurposed items by artist Ed Beals. PEW PEW PEW!  Of course, small gifts are great too and easy to send in the mail or pop in a Christmas stocking like the featured Star Trek inspired bookmarks and stickers by Jodie Hansen. 

Cards by Jodie Hansen can also be framed as small prints! So many punny ones to choose from!



Another brilliant painting by Anna Whalen is shown below, and perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life! We also have holiday cards that even feature "the child" from the current Madalorian  series which has been popular this season by Andrew Burke and of course, you can never go wrong with more fun things by Jodie Hansen like the magnet/ornament of Yoda featured. There are lots more to choose from in person and online HERE. 

BOOKMARKS AND CARDS and even a "THINGS TO CONQUER" list to keep you on track!

And if you need a calendar to keep you focused on the amazing year ahead which will be more hopeful and COVID-19 safe....(fingers crossed)....while not consider picking up this 2021 calendar also by Andrew Burke! 

Get in touch if you are interested in purchasing anything you see featured here by contacting us via phone or email. We can arrange shipping, delivery within HRM, Curbside pick-up and more! HAPPY SHOPPING and STAY SAFE!