Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pre-Shrunk Musings and First Glances

HAPPY ALMOST PRE-SHRUNK 2021!  We are getting excited about our 17th annual show of SMALL ART WITH BIG IMPACT!  We had a lot of art to choose from this year for the juried show, and are delighted to say that the show will include close to 300 works with a great variety of mediums to choose from, including textile, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramic, collage and more!  

Usually this show is VERY BUSY opening night, but because of COVID-19 we have very specific ways you can still enjoy the show in person or online safely.  Officially opening Friday, January 29th and continuing until February 20th. All works measure 4" x 5" and are $175 each.

We encourage you to visit this LINK TO THE EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK for all the details HERE and share it with friends!

Various snippets of amazing Pre-Shrunk artworks by a variety of artists! Inquire directly about any you see here or view the entire show with all the details, beginning on January 29th online and in-person

Recently one of our gallery artists, Gordon MacDonald, wrote about Pre-Shrunk on his Facebook page expressing why it's one of his favourite shows of the year and offered some reasons why he loves it so much, as it relates to his professional art practice: 

 - I got paid for doing sketches I would do anyway.
 - I got to experiment a lot and lose the "precious" inhibition. 
- I got to try many variations of supports and presentation I used on larger work. 
- I got to take the best and make bigger versions.
 - Many people who bought one , ended up buying  bigger work.
- I got to  participate in an extremely fun exhibit for 14 years.
 - I got to support the gallery that busts her ass to sell my stuff.
- I met many of the people who bought work.
- I met other artists and watched a few get great success.  
 - Many of my 4/5z ended up travelling far and wide.  
 - Most of all, doing small work teaches me 1000 things I couldn't learn otherwise. Who gets paid to go to school?
We'll be posting some sneak peeks of the show here in the next few days, and hope to host some LIVE VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS with selected artists throughout the duration of the exhibit. Check back often for the latest here!  Below are some other beauties we thought you'd enjoy seeing....:-))

RJ Ogemah

Natalie Mike

Leah Mark