Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dust off your Suitcase- Time to Explore!

It's officially SUMMER and as of today, Nova Scotians can travel within our Atlantic Bubble and start exploring more sights and sounds all around us. 

If you are dusting off your old suitcase why not dress it up! We have some luggage tags that are only $6- perfect for this celebratory time, by Jodie Hansen- best known at our gallery for her punny and pop culture cards and more. You can see some of other offerings HERE too. 

Where will you explore first? Perhaps you are heading to the shoreline or camping in the wilderness? We have a lot of new paintings by Mark Brennan that capture so many beautiful places in our province and beyond in this way, like the beauties shown below. SEE MORE HERE. 


Maybe you will head out on the water and do some boating...we love this new piece by Lio Lo! So peaceful- the Atlantic provinces are beautiful on all types of days...even foggy ones. In fact, fog is something we take for granted. It really doesn't exist every where....

Will you be staying in a cottage, a hotel or maybe...a castle? Here are two beautiful little castle paintings that were part of our Pre-Shrunk show this year and are still available by Jessica Peatman. See other PRE-SHRUNK WORKS STILL AVAILABLE HERE!

If you are wanting to explore in the city, we are excited to quietly announce we are working on a walking tour all about ART ALL AROUND US, which will take folks on an 1.5 - 2 hour journey  around the city, discovering the latest murals and other public art as well as some neat info about local architecture. You may even meet an artist along the way. 

We are still developing this idea,with the assistance of Tourism Nova Scotia, so if you have any special spots you think we could include, please get in touch! We hope to have it launch for August- October.

Mural art by Mike Burt


Mural Art by Sarah Cannon

Make sure to visit us this week for fun IN PERSON ART LOOKING! While you are downtown you'll be able to enjoy our latest POSTER POLE GALLERY- that is all along Barrington Street too! 

Here is a link to the art you will discover "OUT THERE"  like this one by Brenna Frasier