Friday, February 18, 2022

Exploring The Amazing Landscapes of PreShrunk 2022

As part of Nova Scotia's Heritage Day Celebrations on February 21, the Province will be honoring the Landscape of Grand Pré. For our part, we'd like to share some of the amazing landscape paintings we've received for this year for PreShrunk 2022 exhibition (currently on view!).  

If you're unable to visit the gallery this weekend, there's still lots of amazing art to discover online. You can view the entire PreShrunk collection HERE

Kristen Li, Autumn Impressions, 4" x 5", acrylic on board

Barb O'Neil, Morning Beach Walk, 4" x 5", oil on board

Nova Scotia has been blessed with majestic coastlines and gorgeous landscapes, both rural and urban... 

Sheila Harnish, (Left) "Long Lake, Spryfield", (Right) "Reflections, Frog Pond", 5" x 4", oil on board  

Cheryl Flemming, Cloudy Day on the Ocean, 4" x 5", oil on board

Cheryl Flemming, Dusk At Rogues Roost, 4" x 5", oil on board

The ocean and its beaches are often a major source of inspiration for many Nova Scotian Artists...

Christina Gillis (Left) Lawrencetown Beach, (Centre) Carter's Beach, (Right) Crystal Crescent Beach,
4" x 5", watercolour on paper on board

Sometimes we're drawn to specific locations, both familiar, and those forgotten...

Shaune MacKinlay, (Left) Vacancy II (Pleasant Bay), (Right) Vacancy III (Pleasant Bay),
4" x 5", acrylic on canvas

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Forest Blues, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Bailey Higgins, (Left) Margaree, (Right) North River Falls, 5" x 4", acrylic on board 

Living in Nova Scotia, we're also grateful to be part of the larger Atlantic Canadian landscape...

Kimberley Eddy, (Left) A Little Piece of New Brunswick, (Right) A Bit of PEI,
4" x 5", acrylic resin, mixed media on board

Gretchen Amirault, Flowers in June, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

There's so much artistic talent to enjoy in our region...

Briana Corr Scott, Untitled III, 5" x 4", oil on board

Deb Bromley, Halls' Harbour, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Sarah Sehl, Exhale, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Sarah French, Imagined Life in the Valley, 5" x 4", oil on board

One of the amazing features of PreShrunk is being exposed to so many different artists and mediums...

Adele Webster, Silver Stratacumulus Series No. 4 (Left) & No. 2 (Right),
5" x 4", resin, mixed media on board 

Installation View, Adele Webster's Stratacumulus Series

As you can see, there's still lots of amazing artwork to discover at the gallery. Why not add something beautiful to your home or office today!

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