Saturday, May 7, 2022

Don't Miss It!

Welcome, welcome!

If you didn't get the chance to stop by for our opening reception, keep reading to get caught up on all the deets.

May 7th was our opening showcase for two amazing artist, Roisin Cadieux & Heidi Holloway. Each artist has a complete body of work themed around animals. You can pop by the gallery anytime this month to catch a glimpse of each show.

Figure of Speech - A showcase by Heidi Holloway featuring brightly coloured birds in fun situations. The highlight of the show for us were the clever names Heidi came up with for her pieces.

Heidi Holloway - Good Idea

Heidi Holloway - At Your Beak and Call

Heidi, born and raised in the Maritimes is a self taught artist working mostly with acrylic but also dabbling in oil painting and watercolours. Her mindful spirit and corky sense of humour have greatly influenced the themes and expressions in her work.

Heidi Holloway - All Song and Dance

Heidi Holloway

You can see more work by Heidi HERE

• • •

Musical Mache Menagerie  - Showcase by Rosin Cadieux feature works made of antique sheet music. Each piece is named after a musician she is inspired by. 

Roisin Cadieux - Elton

Roisin Cadieux - Nick

Roisin uses her work to explore and celebrate language with a particular focus on universal languages such as music. Her inspiration to create lies in her love of antique paper, a collection spanning close to 300 years old.

Work displayed at Argyle Fine Art by Roisin Cadieux

Roisin Cadieux

You can see more by Roisin HERE