Saturday, July 9, 2022

How does your Garden Grow?

It's finally here!  Full on mid-Summer sun and plants are thriving everywhere you look! Maybe it's the flowers in a park you walk through or along a favourite trail. Maybe it's as close as your backyard or deck....or maybe in our gallery! Come for a stroll through our artful garden.


Many of our artists are inspired by their gardens and it shows with all the pops of colour in the gallery right now. Check out this newly arrived paintings by Raquel Roth.


                                    Raquel Roth, Moonlight Pinks, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 6" x 6" x 1"


Raquel Roth, Pops of Fun, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 10" x 8"" 1.5"

Emerging artist Alicia Braganza loves flowers too, and captured these in her recent acrylic paintings, from her recent trips with family along the North Shore here in Nova Scotia. Wild flowers are the best too. Just look at those textures and colours.


Alicia Braganza, Coastal Blooms, 12"x12", Acrylic on Board


Alicia Braganza, Raised by the Sea, 12"x24", Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Catherine Bagnell Styles is an avid gardener!  Flowers pop up in many of her paintings like this one, and she has even hosted an art show in her garden. Watch for her solo show opening in September 2022.

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Mom's favourite, 12" x 12", Acrylic on Canvas

Drop by the gallery for a blast of COLOUR and uplift your spirits with art by local artists. Happy Summer Weekend everyone!