Friday, February 24, 2023

Turn Blahs Into Ahhhhhhs!

 Are you feeling the Mid-Winter "blahs"? You are not the only one! It seems each day is a different weather situation, and it is difficult to see what is next on the horizon...Thankfully, we have the magic of local art to keep us warm and put a smile on our faces!

Megan Leforte, By Candlelight 1, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $175

There is always something going on here at Argyle Fine Art, but we have two current exciting events to get you through this patch of blahs! Take your time, enjoy perusing these picks, and get ready to breathe a sigh of relief...Ahhhhhh!

-The Pre-Shrunk 2023 show will conclude after Saturday, February 25th! However, once the show is over several of the artworks will still be available, so if something catches your eye, just ask us! There are some absolutely wonderful artworks still to be discovered! Take a peruse of a few of the beautiful little 4"x5"s below!

-We have a STICKER SALE!!! Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Come one, come all! Stickers are great for a Reading Week study break for you students out there! However, everyone loves stickers, so be sure to take advantage of this fun sale while you can! Many to see below!

Jodie Hansen, Darth Vader "Come to the Dark Side", Glow-in-the-Dark Sticker, $6

Miyoshi Kondo, TV, Gouache on Paper, 4"x5", $175

Party Mountain Paper, Life's So Fun, Sticker, $6

Darren Moreash, Hello Dali, Salvador Dali Marionette, Pine Wood Carving, 4"x5"x11", $175

Donica Larade, Red Mushroom, Sticker, $6

Allison Davis, Abundance, Acrylic on Canvas, 4"x5", $175

Amy Crosby, Lighthouse, Sticker, $6

Amy Ordoveza, Window with Winter Branches, Oil on Board, 4"x5", $175

Xinke Zhuang, Ramen Noodles, Sticker, $6

Melinda Robertson, Buffalo - Respect, Fused Glass on Board, 4"x5", $175

Jessica Macdonald, Cats with Juice, Sticker, $6

Jeanne Germani, Trio, Mixed Media on Board, 4"x5", $175

Bryanna Chapeskie, Joe's Convenience, Sticker, $6

Devon Vankoughnett, Teal Carnation, Fused Glass on Board, 4"x5", $175

Andrea Tsang Jackson, Fabric is My Love Language, Sticker, $6

Ursula Ryle-Gulliver, Coming Home, Textile, 4"x5", $175

Nick Brunt, Crystal Ball, Sticker, $6

Ed Beals, Wee Bird, Found Parts on Board, 4"x5"x5", $175

The Critter Company, Smiling Dog, Sticker, $6

Jessica Gay, Gone Window Shopping, Embroidery on Cotton, 4"x5", $175

Claire Douglas, Koala, Sticker, $6

Janna Wilton, Diner Boy, Gouache on Board, 4"x5", $175

Evan Purney, Clothes Line, Sticker, $6

Barbara O'Neil, Submerged, Oil on Board, 4"x5", $175

Small Noggin Studios, Bread Bag, Sticker, $6

Jack Ross, Rooftops Downtown, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $175

Julie Maclean, Enjoy Bird, Sticker, $6

Jennifer Sinclair, Are You Seriously Not Sharing That? Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $175

And on that note, thanks for sharing a love of local art with us! We will get through the season of blahs together! See you next time! - Argyle Fine Art