Saturday, June 3, 2023

June Bugs and Bear Hugs

 It is the beginning of June! Later in the month will be the Summer Solstice, so let's take this time to appreciate the last bits of Spring together. It's the season of jittery June bugs coming out to play! Why not take some inspiration from them and play around in a garden of local art with us? 

Let's start with this wonderful wood carving by Brian Taylor, "For the Love of Flowers"! It seems that Brian, bugs, bears, and the rest of us all have a love for flowers in common...what will we find next in the garden?

Brian Taylor, For the Love of Flowers, Hand Painted Wood Carving

We are so lucky, it is a family of bears out of hibernation! Take a look below at this stunning work of pyrography by Celina Campbell, "A Mother's Love". What do those bear cubs see?
Celina Campbell, A Mother's Love, Pyrography, 9.5"x13"

The cubs got to open their eyes to fresh daisies, just painted by Raquel Roth! This beautiful piece is truly a breathe of fresh Spring air! Let's keep wandering...
Raquel Roth, Fresh as a Daisy, Acrylic on Canvas, 10"x10"

Look at this! It must be snack time for some elves and fairies...Take a look at this matching platter and bowl set by Devon VanKoughnett! Devon's stoneware makes everyday activities feel magical.
Devon VanKoughnett, Ruffle Turtle Platter with Bowl, Hand-painted/Stoneware/Porcelain

Surprise! A new silkscreen print by Geordan Moore found its way into the garden! This sweet fox is full of the spirit of some of their friends below! 
Geordan Moore, Jumping Fox, Silkscreen Art Print

Oh look, it is the magnificent Ophelia! This lovely little bunny by Jennifer Sinclair can be found hiding and hopping around the garden of local art, enjoying the Spring time sights.
Jennifer Sinclair, Ophelia, Acrylic on Board, 5"x5"

Here is another breathe of fresh Spring air! Take in all those beautiful trees from this amazing painting by Gordon MacDonald!
Gordon MacDonald, An Arrangement of Greens, Oil on Copper, 18"x20"

If you are looking to send a Springtime message to a loved one (there doesn't need to be an occasion to say hello!), maybe these bird buddies can help you!
The Beautiful Project, Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, Postcards

No luck with the birds? Don't worry! There are many Spring time animals that are eager to help you share your message...just see the card below by Natasia Makes!
Natasia Makes, Birds, Bees, Bears and Hares, Greeting Card

For the season of bugs and flowers, pint-size and portable pieces of art like stickers from Day Dreamer Studios can be just the thing! There is a frog peaking out of the garden, just waiting to be stuck on the perfect spot!
Day Dreamer Studios, Frog Amongst Flowers, Vinyl Sticker

Lucky us, this garden is home to the most stylish bugs you ever did see! This sticker by Donica Larade features some creepy crawlies with a lot of sparkle...check it out!
Donica Larade, Bugs, Vinyl Sticker

And who is this peaking their beak through? It is the delightful "Delilah", a wonderful winged creation from Sharon Cave!
Sharon Cave, Delilah, Vintage Fabric Structure

It seems the bear family above isn't alone! This beautiful glass bear by Melinda Robertson can be found enjoying honey with the bumblebees!
Melinda Robertson, Bear - Courage, Fused Glass on Board, 4"x5"

Speaking of bumblebees, some have arrived just in time for dinner! This painting by Cathy Cusack shows just how much life can be found among the flowers if you look closely!
Cathy Cusack, Dinner with Friends, Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x24"

It looks like we've spent all day wandering with the bears and the bugs, and now night time has reached the garden! Take a peak at the painting by Mary Garoutte below for a glimpse into the garden after dark...Thank you for embracing June and the last bits of Spring with us!
-Argyle Fine Art
Mary Garoutte, Night Garden, Oil on Panel, 12"x12"