Friday, March 15, 2024

THE EYES OF MARCH: Kyle York and Other Eye Friends

 The EYES OF MARCH are upon us....and we've got EYES EYES EYES!   

Check out the recent hand-carved and hand-painted wood creations by emerging artist Kyle York. THE FULL GANG ARE HERE , with creative fun names! 

They are hanging out in person at the gallery,  in our gallery windows! POP BY FOR A LOOK and a SEE! Here are a few words from the artist, KYLE YORK about how he got started with this unique art form:

Two years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of an introduction to wood carving and I thought I would give it a try, the first things I made were by no means works of art, but the joy I felt thru making that rough looking carving was second to none! I have always wanted to have a creative interest but was never overly exceptional at anything, but I knew this was a passion i wanted to see through. I got down the basics of carving and through lots of trial and error I also started understanding the painting process to get me to my style I have now. I plan to keep doing this until the day I can’t, and I love being able to show off the weird things I come up with from the classic art of wood carving.


Kyle York, Take Me Home, 14" height, Hand-Carved and Painted Wood 

Kyle York, Eye Eye Captain, 12", Hand-Carved and Painted Wood  

Group Shot of the Whole Gang

We also have a bunch of new FELTED EYES by Emily Krueckl in the window and ONLINE HERE! can download this drawing by Emily and COLOUR IT ! What a  FUN ACTIVITY FOR MARCH BREAK FOR ALL AGES!

 To DOWNLOAD the PDF below, simply CLICK HERE and print on your favourite paper! 


Annnnnnnnnnnd....we just so happen to have some NEW paintings by a NEW ARTIST, Lem Lian that are WIDE EYED and just seem to work well for such a day as the EYES OF MARCH!

See more of Lem's art HERE and in person as part of our IGNITE SHOW