Tuesday, March 15, 2011

David McKay: New Works

We had a wonderful opening reception on Friday with artist David McKay,
thank you to everyone who helped us extend our welcome. 
Here is a sample of the works included in David's exhibition. 

McKay paints using egg tempera and watercolors. For those not familiar,
here is a brief description of egg tempera:

Egg tempera is one of the oldest, most versatile, and most durable methods of painting. Said to date back to prehistoric times, it is generally unaffected by humidity and temperature changes. They dry rapidly and become water-resistant, which means one application of paint can be rapidly followed with another without the two layers mixing. This allows you to see one color through the other.
The first recorded recipes for egg tempera called for only the egg whites and were used for illuminating manuscripts on paper and parchment. Because this mixture is brittle, it was eventually replaced by a recipe that required only the egg yolk.

This exhibition will remain on show until March 26th.

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