Saturday, March 12, 2011


Enter to win Mucha Moula (50$!!) at Argyle Fine Art in celebration of crappy weather! Wear your favorite raincoat, rain boots, umbrella or yes, even a rain poncho and we'll take your picture and upload it to our fan page. Vote for your favorite Rainy Day Art Addict on our facebook fan club, or vote HERE by adding a comment below! 
Voting will end on Sunday at 5 :)  
Winner will be awarded with an Argyle Fine Art gift certificate worth $50 Hurray!
(no you may not vote for the dog above)
 It looks as though the weather has taken a turn for the better, and so you're all coming into the gallery sans rain gear!  This makes our little contest a little difficult.
On a Hilarious note, look at the jacket Adriana came in wearing this morning.LOOK FAMILIAR?!             (clue: see animal above)
I swear up and down that this was an absolute coincidence. Wow.