Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nick Brunt, To and Fro

Nick Brunt walks past the gallery SEVERAL times a day.
Sometimes he'll wave wildly at us, sometimes he'll make a strange face, 
sometimes he does a little dance, and sometimes he tries to ignores us ..... 
But sometimes, yes sometimes, he stops in with an armful of new artwork! 
Here's this week's art offerings: 

Ahab  1984
11" x 14"
Mixed Media on Board $275 (CDN)
North American Pond Owl 18" x 24"Mixed Media on Board $425 (CDN)

Shell Shock Never Solved Anything 9" x 11"
Mixed Media on Board $250 (CDN)

Whale in the Bay 8" x 10" Mixed Media on Board $225 (CDN)