Saturday, October 8, 2011

A toast to Shelley Mitchell!

Pick up a bottle of Annapolis Highland wine to help celebrate your thanksgiving feast, and make sure to have a careful look at the label. The boutique vineyard recently organized a competition amongst local artists, for the chance at having their work appear on a fine bottle of local wine.

Our talented Shelley Mitchell submitted a piece and was among the 12 out of 800 entries who won the competition. Now you'll find Shelley's original oil painting featured on the 2010 Highland Fusion and the 2010 Geisenheim Riesling. Neat eh?

If you're interested in purchasing these wines, they can be found at the Annapolis Highland winery, the Halifax Seaport Market, Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market, Belliveau Cove Farmer's Market, Yarmouth Farmer's Market, Premier Wine & Spirits, Cristall & Luckett and in selected restaurants around the province.