Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting a Day: May 15th, Adrienne Godbout

The gallery is absolutely brimming with new artwork and fresh, vibrant colours. Shelley Mitchell and Twila Robar De-Coste have their latest, coveted works on feature, while the spectacular Ikebana arrangements are nestled in our front windows.

Not long from now, we'll also have the work of Adrienne Godbout on feature - join us for the opening reception on Saturday from 2-4 to meet the artist and enjoy the sights and sounds of the gallery. And if I can make a suggestion...you might want to stop into the gallery earlier in the week for a preview of the show, which includes this electrifying piece pictured below:

Maison Violete aux Iles by Adrienne Godbout 36" x 18" $1300