Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting a Day: May 6th, Yo Rodeo!

No, your eyes haven't suddenly failed you...the image bellow is meant to look a little fuzzy with the naked eye. This screen-printed beauty is created in 3D, so go ahead and rummage through your closets and pull out your old red/ blue tinted 3D glasses for a proper look see!

"Melted Mountain Way" Anaglyphic 3D screen-print on paper
20" x 20" Edition of 50 $200

Yo Rodeo is comprised of  local talents, Paul Hammond and Seth Smith 
who have been making artwork together for a really long time.
 We've featured their artwork here at the gallery for a number of years now, 
so there are many collections to choose from, including works from "Bloc Party" 
and the entire series from "Three Dee Realms"

Swing by sometime through the week and have a look for yourselves!