Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IF you LOVE our gallery, please VOTE for us!

The Coast's BEST OF HALIFAX voting has begun!  The Coast is a wonderful alternative newspaper that supports and features stories from Halifax- with a particular interest in cultural events, creators of music, art and local everything!!

There are so many great categories to vote on, but we'd LOVE to have your vote for BEST GALLERY (and perhaps you'd like to vote for BEST VISUAL artist there too...our gallery has so many greats to choose from!)
Thanks so much- this will mean a lot to us. :-)

 Here is the link to make it easy for you all
If we win, we'll host a very artful party and invite you all...either in person or virtually! 

Adriana and Crystal

Crystal and Adriana re-enacting the Melissa Townsend painting 
behind the desk. We really have too much fun at work!