Monday, August 13, 2012

Oliver the Owl would like to remind you.....bidding ends this Friday, August 17th at 5pm. WHOOT WHOOT!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! 

Here is a wonderful picture taken by an adoring fan of owls and Melissa Townsend's art, of OLIVER the real -life owl that inspired the portrait of Oliver in the distance and visited our gallery a few weeks ago.

This work is still up for silent auction with bidding ending this Friday, August 17th at 5pm. The current bid is at $975, and is updated on this blogs homepage when there are changes.

As we predict there were be a scurry of activity on that day, make sure to get in touch with us with your bids via phone at 902-425-9456 if possible, sooner than later. 

Remember...all of the money raised from this work will be donated to HOPE FOR WILDLIFE from this painting, so you're not only getting a wonderful work of art and story, but helping a wonderful group of caring people and the animals. .

Melissa's show has sold out completely...even though the show was supposed to carry on until the end of this week!  This is truly amazing and we'd like to thank all of you for making this such a success and supporting local artists and our local  business.