Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Greetings everyone!  We wanted to thank everyone for making our "HIGH TIME FOR ART" event a success!  We'll plan to do this next year around this time as well, and hope to hear from you all again then too. But don't forget, we always have great works that aren't always out, so whenever you are looking for something, never hesitate to ask us.

Below are the works that still remain from the HIGH NOON ART DEALS.  We thought we'd give them one more try to find good homes, so in case you missed these, please enjoy. 

You will find information on each piece and prices listed below each image. There are four works  which have been reduced even further than they were in the last weeks (Gordon MacDonald, Trevor Van Den Eynden, Nick Brunt and Vaughn Gray)

"Peaches and Vase", Oil on Board, 8" x 10", George Spencer
NOW $325  Original Price: $475

"Calm Crossing," Acrylic  on Board, 18" x 24", Vaughn Gray
NOW $325  Original Price: $850

"At Gunpoint", mixed media on board12" x 24",Trevor Van Den Eynden
NOW $275 Original Price: $650

"For Katie and the Wood and the Walls", Acrylic on board, 24" x 18", Nick Brunt
NOW $275 Original Price: $400

"Last Light" ,Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30" ,Shelley Mitchell
NOW $2200 Original Price: $2600
"First Light, Taylor Head", Oil on Board, 12" x 14",Mark Brennan
NOW $475 Original Price: $580
"Bridge in Canning", Oil on Board,11" x 14", Gordon MacDonald
NOW $485 Original Price: $850